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Photoshop - Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop - Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop - Photoshop Tutorials


  1. How to design a sound graph
    This is a sound graph example, you might have seen it in the music player and mobiles to show running songs.
  2. How to design a fire torch
    If you are looking a fire torch design, you should come here. Because it is a easy fire torch design.
  3. How to make a sun light effect
    I am going to give a sun effect to the a hut picture by this example.
  4. How to make a border shine text effect
    In this example, we are going to make a shining border of the text, It is very simple by this example.
  5. How to make a waterfall effect
    Look at this example to learn how to draw waterfall effect, you can appear a little steam in the poster by this example.
  6. How to make a shining text effect
    Let's start this example to learn how to make a shining effect on the text. it will surely help you about this effect.
  7. How to design a Electronic chip
    Learn  about an electronic chip design, it is used in the music part and electronic instrument.
  8. How to design a weeping lion
    This is a dareful example because a lion is weeping here by this effect, to learn this effect follow this example.
  9. How to insert rainbow in the sky
    Draw rainbow on the sky, this example will guide you to learn how to make it so follow completely this example.
  10. How to design a superman shield
    This example is very interesting because I am going to design a superman shield.
  11. How to design a skull
    Create a skull image by the help of this example that has been made with some easy instruction for the beginners.
  12. How to design a simple logo
    In this example you will learn about simple method to make a easy logo, It is so easy now so follow these steps.
  13. How to design a changing color of the chameleon
    Have you seen the chameleon to changing the color, you can see now by this example. Let's see how the chameleon changes the color in this example.
  14. How to make a stone text
    This is a stone text example, It will help you to make a stone text with some simple instruction.
  15. Haw to make a increased nails
    Take help of this example to learn how to increase nails. I have here a finger picture to increase the nail.
  16. How to design a dollar button
    Here, I am going to draw a dollar button by using this tutorial.
  17. How to make a grass text
    Come to know how to make a grass text effect.
  18. How to make a alien face mask
    Use this example to make a alien face mask, which is played by the children.
  19. How to make a 3D text
    The 3d text can be made by the photoshop, this example will guide you to make it.
  20. How to design a golden ring
    Be able to make a golden ring by this easy example.
  21. How to make an animation in the text
    This is about an animation example, in this example we are going to make animation in the text that is so easy by this tutorials.
  22. How to design sky reflection in the goggle
    This is the sky reflection example on the goggle, read this example concentrately to make it.
  23. How to make a double border text
    This example will teach you to make a double border text, this has been become very easy by this example.
  24. How to design a CPU
    We will learn with this example how to draw a CPU, follow every step that is mentioned in this tutorial.
  25. How to design a navigation bar
    There is a simple way to make your own navigation bar to use in the website in this example.
  26. How to design a tribal art
    Let's learn a tribal art in this example. Tribal art has made easy with this example.
  27. How to make a cracked head
    This example is very interesting because it is related to digital art, I am going to teach you to make a cracked head. It is very easy to learn so follow now.
  28. How to make a blink text border
    Try to make a blink text border in the photoshop, this example has a easy way to make it perfectly.
  29. How to design a notepad icon
    Through this example learn how to draw a notepad icon.
  30. How to increase biceps
    In using this example you can learn to increase the biceps, it is so easy by this tutorial so follow every step to make similar.
  31. How to design a bloody eye
    This is a bloody eye effect, I have used here some steps to make it. If you want to make similar effect, follow whole tutorials.
  32. How to design a hourglass
    It is instrument to show the time so it is very important part of our life. We are going to design it, follow this example to learn.
  33. How to make a puzzle photograph
    This is a puzzle photograph example, I have here a dog picture to modify.
  34. How to remove a red eyes
    This example is so effective to remove red eye. You might have seen a little red ball inside the black ball of the eye, you can remove that by this example.
  35. How to color an object in the black & white photograph
    If you want to color one object in the black and white photograph, follow all the steps that are shown in this example.
  36. How to design a screw
    Using this example to learn a method to make screw.
  37. How to make a gel text
    This example will help you to draw a gel text effect, it is very easy to make.
  38. How to make an animated text border
    Learn an animation by this example, it is a text border animation. This example will give you instruction to make it so let's try.
  39. How to make a stone
    It is a helpful example to draw a little picture of the stone, you can also draw by this example.
  40. How to make an electronic advertising board
    This is an electronic advertising board example, it is very simple to make. If you have any problem to make it yourself, please follow this step by step instruction.
  41. How to make a pushed text
    Come to this example to learn a simple technique to draw a pushed text on the any object.
  42. How to design a stamp
    Every company need a stamp so let's try to design it by this step by step instruction that are given in this example.
  43. How to design a knife
    See how to make a knife shape in the photoshop, there are some easy understandable segment for the beginners so let's try.
  44. How to make a Mickey mouse face
    Get ready to learn about some steps to make a Mickey mouse face, It is very easy and interesting.
  45. How to inset tattoo on the shirt
    You know the technique to stick tattoo on the shirt as looking real, no. Follow this example to learn about this effect.
  46. How to make a bone
    This example bone design example, It is very easy. If you are looking for, please follow now.
  47. How to make a candy text effect
    This is a candy text effect example, it will guide you to make this effect.
  48. How to make a chrome text effect
    With this example we will learn how to make a chrome text effect.
  49. How to make bubbles
    You are going to learn about a bubbles design, this example has some steps to make it easily to draw.
  50. How to design a liquid gold
    Create a liquid gold effect, try to make it by this easy example for the beginners.
  51. How to design a background
    If you don't have background, don't worry because you will learn here how to design a background by this example.
  52. How to make a dropping text
    Making a dripping text is not tough now because this example has been released. I hope you will like it so follow now.
  53. How to design glitter shine effect on the text
    This tutorial will guide you one by one step to make a glitter shine on the text, it is an animated example.
  54. How to design a hanging text
    This is a fully description to make a hanging text effect, you can hang any object by this example.
  55. How to make focus on an object
    This example will teach you to make focus on the object so follow step by step this example....
  56. How to design a color in the bucket
    Fill color in the blank bucket by taking help of this example.
  57. How to make a blur text effect
    In this example we are going to make a blur text effect, it has been make by some instruction that are mentioned here.
  58. How to make grass effect on the picture
    If you want to draw grass on the land, this example will surly help you because I have done this effect in this example.
  59. How to make animated web button
    This is a web button animation example, it is a very simple to make with this example. I hope you will like it so follow now.
  60. How to make a copper pipe
    We are going to learn how to drawing a copper pipe by this example.
  61. How to make an interlock text
    Learn here to make an interlock text by using this example.
  62. How to make a lighting on the statue
    This is an animated example, I have tried here to give lighting effect on the statue which is standing in the museum but it has no light.



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