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How to make an animated shine on the apple.

This tutorial will teach you the method of learn a shining apple. It has very easy step to learn. When you look any things shined, you like that.

How to make an animated shine on the apple.


Here, I am going to teach you an animated apple. When you look any things shined, you like that. You can even make your own shining object by using some of the very easy steps as given in my this tutorial. So follow this for making your image shining. 

Open A File: First you have to open a file to modify, I have taken an apple picture here.

White Spot: First take a new layer and select brush tool (B key) and click on the apple to make white spot.

Blur effect: Now go to Filter menu > Blur > Gaussian blur and use same radius settings as here.

Selection: Take Polygonal lasso tool (L key) and make selection as I have done here.

Add Layer Mask: Now select add layer mask, it is situated bottom of the layer. Otherwise go to Layer menu  > Add layer mask> Reveal selection.  

Your image will look like this.

Add Gaussian Blur: Now go to Filter menu > Blur> Gaussian Blur> and make setting as given below image.

Duplicate Copy: Make duplicate copy of the layer which has been converted into Layer mask, set all the layers one by one as given below.

your image will look like this..

Image Ready: Now go to image ready to give animation to your picture.   

New Frame: Before give animation, you should take a new frame as I have here.

Layer Adjustment: Now adjust all the layers as given below.

Save File: Save your file as a "gif" format.

The Final Image


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