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How to make a text effect


This is a text effect tutorial. This tutorial will help you to learn the method of make text effect. In the text effect, we try to make the text in deferent way. I have try to given deferent look to the text in this tutorial.

Let's try

Take a new file: Go to file menu and select new. A pop up menu will come, In that menu you have to control the width and height of the file. (width 300, height 150)


Gradient Overlay: Go to Layer menu >Layer Style > Gradient Overlay and make setting as given below popup menu.

Write Text: Select horizontal type tool (T key) and writer text. I have written "ROSEINDIA" with selected black color.

Drop Shadow: Add drop shadow, go to Layer menu > Layer Style > Drop shadow and adjust setting as given below.

Text Shadow: Select text and go to Edit menu > Free Transform> Transform>  free transform and pull down as giver below image.

Use Blending Option: Go to Layer menu > Layer Style> Blending Options: custom> and make setting as giver below popup menu.

The Final Image


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