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Learn WAP in 60 minutes


Wireless Application Protocol or WAP for short, allows the developers to develop next generation web application for cellular devices. Through WAP enabled mobile phone anyone can access office intranet, browse the Net, check-email, do shopping... provides unlimited advantages.


his tutorial teaches you WAP and shows you how to create WAP application for web for serving the Internet data on to cellular phones. Here you can learn from our existing codes and even you can write and test your own codes. So fasten you belt and get ready to learn WAP. You are welcome to the unwired world. 

Table of Contents

  1. What is WAP?
    Wap Overview.
  2. What Tools I need?
    Tools to be downloaded and installed on to your machine for testing and debugging the code.
  3. Writing your First Application.
  4. WAP API
    Detailed discussion of WAP API with examples.
  5. Developing real world WAP Application.

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