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Struts2 Training


Apache Struts is an open-source framework that is used to develop Java applications. Struts is an excellent framework for developing application easily by organizing JSP and Servlet and basic java code. Strut1 along with all the standard Java technologies and packages of Jakarta assists in creating an extensible development environment. However, with the growing demand of web applications, Strut 1 does not stand firm and needs to be changed with the increasing demand. This leads to the creation of Strut2, which is more users friendly having features like Ajax, rapid development and extensibility.

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Strut2 contains the combined features of Struts Ti and WebWork 2 projects that advocates higher level application by using the architecture of WebWork2 with features including a plugin framework, a new API, Ajax tags etc. WebWork is a framework for web-application development that has been included in Struts framework 2.0 release. It has some unique concepts and constructs like its compatibility of working within existing Web APIs in Java rather than trying to replace them completely.

Struts2 Training Objectives

In this course you will learn how to develop an application using Struts2 framework. After completing this course, you will be confident for implementing Struts2 framework in your application, which make your applications successful.

Struts2 Training Course Prerequisites
Before learning this course, we are assuming that the candidate has good background in the following technologies:

  • Intermediate knowledge of Java programming.
  • Creating basic web applications using Servlet & JSP.
  • Some familiarity with SQL, relational databases, and the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) interfaces will be helpful.

 Struts2 Training Course Contents


  • Introduction to Struts2
  • Features of Struts2
  • Architecture of Struts2
  • Struts1 Vs Struts2
  • Benefits of Struts2
  • Downloading and Installing Struts2


  • Struts2 Actions
    • Simple Action
    • Redirect Action
  • Struts2 Validator Framework


  • Struts2 Tags
      I. Control Tags
    • If / Else If / Else
    • Append Tag
    • Iterator Tag

      II. Data Tags

    • Action Tag
    • Bean Tag
    • Date Tag
    • Include Tag
    • Set Tag
    • Text Tag
    • Property Tag


  III. UI Tags

  • Form Tag
  • Text field Tag
  • Password Tag
  • Submit Tag
  • Reset Tag


  • A Simple Struts2 Login Application
    • Developing the view part (login form)
    • Developing the model part
    • Developing the Controller part (struts.xml)
  • Running and testing the Application

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