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Java Training - Corporate Java Training
Posted on: March 20, 2005 at 12:00 AM
Learn Java which is the most popular programming language to develop applications.

Java Training - Corporate Java Training


Learn through Java Training:

Java is one of the most popular programming language to develop applications based on open source technology. Java technologies enables the programmers to develop desktop applications, web applications, mobile applications and even embedded applications. So, Java is grate programming language to develop any type of applications. There are huge market for java, and companies are looking for trained and skilled Java professionals. Our corporate Java Training course is trailed to meet the industry needs. We are eminent company providing Java Training course around the globe.

About Java Training Course:

Our course is specially designed for fresher engineering graduates, who are looking for making the career in the Software development field. Even the software companies can take our service to train their fresh engineers. Course duration is 5 days and during the training period we provide them expert training and hands on exercise to really master the Core Java technology.

Course Content day wise:

Day 1

  • Getting Started with Java SE
    • What is Java?
    • How to Get Java
    • Compiling and Interpreting Applications
    • The JDK Directory Structure
    • A First Java Program
  • Object-Oriented Programming
    • Classes and Objects
    • Fields and Methods
    • Encapsulation
    • Access Modifiers
    • Inheritance
    • Polymorphism
  • Methods
    • Calling Methods
    • Defining Methods
    • Method Parameters
    • Scope
  • Datatypes and Variables
    • Primitive Datatypes
    • Non-Primitive Datatypes
    • Arrays  
  • Operators and Expressions
  • Using the Primitive-Type Wrapper Classes

Day 2

  • Control Statements
    • Conditional (if) Statements
    • Conditional (switch) Statements
    • while and do-while Loops
    • for Loops
    • The continue Statement
    • The break Statement
  • Packages
    • Packages
    • The import Statement
    • CLASSPATH and Import
    • Defining Packages
    • Package Scope
  • Exception Handling
    • Java Exceptions Overview
    • Making Custom (User Defined) Exceptions 
  • Input/Output Streams
    • Overview of IO Streams
    • File Object
    • PrintWriter Class
    • Reading and Writing Objects

Day 3

  • Introduction to Threads
    • Overview of Thread
    • Life Cycle of A Thread
    • Creating Threads
    • Creation of Multiple Threads 
  • Introduction to Applet 
  • Introduction to AWT  
  • Introduction to Swing   
  • Core Collection Classes
    • The Collections Framework
    • Set Interface and SortedSet
    • List and Queue Interface
    • Map and SortedMap Interface  

Day 4

  • JDBC
    • Introduction to JDBC
    • Components of JDBC 
    • JDBC Types  
    • The JDBC Connectivity Model
    • Connecting to the Database

Day 5

  • JDBC SQL Programming
    • Understanding Common SQL Statements
    • Inserting values in MySQL database table  
    • Getting the Results from SQL Query 
    • Updating Database Data
    • Getting column Names from ResultSetMetaData
    • Calling to Stored Procedures
    • Transaction Management

Contact details for training requirements:

 Name: Deepak Kumar
 Email: deepak@roseindia.net
 Mobile: 09313063554

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