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How to design a Electronic chip, design a Electronic chip, Electronic chip

This page discusses - How to design a Electronic chip, design a Electronic chip, Electronic chip

How to design a Electronic chip


Learn  about an electronic chip design, it is used in the music part and electronic instrument.

New File: Take a new file with any size as you want.

Top Portion: Choose "474747" color and Pen tool (P key) and make points as given below.

Middle Portion: Choose again Pen tool and this "3c3c3c" color to make some points like this shape.

Bottom Portion: Draw a bottom shape of the electronic chip by using Pen tool with this "272727" color.

Draw Pin: Take a new Layer, choose "d8d8d8" color and make Points by the Pen tool (P key) like a chip pin. 

You should have similar.

Make duplicate layers of the pin and set them at this position.

This is your done.




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November 7, 2011
Gaming ingenier

i want to be a scientist
July 21, 2012
designing of electronic chip

dear sir, i was completed my in ece ilike to do chip designing cource please tell me about that.
ranjit khuntia
August 18, 2012
how to prepare electronic chip

i want to know how to prepare electronic chips and is there any institute in delhi present.
mariam awad
October 31, 2012
computer science

i want to know about electronic chips as i want to use it in my graduation project