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How to make a shining text effect


Let's start this example to learn how to make a shining effect on the text. it will surely help you about this effect.

New File: Take a new file with any size as you need.

Text Formatting: We should make text formatting before write text, choose Horizontal type tool (T key) and make this settings then write text.

Effect: Go to Layer menu > Layer style > Bevel and Emboss and use these settings.

Draw a shape:  First take a new layer and choose "f8c3f2" color, select Ellipse tool (U key) and draw a shape like this.

Now Press Ctr + T key to turn at this position.

Layer settings: Change your layer settings "Normal" to "Linear Light".

The text will look as here.

Duplicate layer: Now make duplicate you shape layer more than "8" and set them as cover the whole text as I have done here.

Image Ready: Make settings of the "shape" layer by the frame in the animation window.

Save file: Now save file "Save Optimize".

Look Result


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