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How to make animated web button


This is a web button animation example, it is a very simple to make with this example. I hope you will like it so follow now.

New File: First take a new file as button size.

Draw a circle: Choose "f253f4" color and Ellipse tool (U key) to draw a circle.

Effects: Go to Layer menu > Layer style > Bevel and Emboss, Inner glow, Stroke and use same settings.

You will get it.

Write text: Choose Horizontal type tool (T key) and make formatting to write text as have done here.

Effect: Go to Layer menu > Layer style >Apply Inner shadow.

You should have similar as here.

Image ready: Click on the bottom of the tool bar to go in the image ready.

Animation: You will have an animation window in the image ready, you have to adjust image as a complete animation. In the animation window you will have already a frame, choose button layer not text and move left then take a new frame and move middle, take third frame and mover right. At last take fourth frame and mover it middle as I have done in animation window here.

Save File: Now save file "Save Optimized".

This is your done.

Final result


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