About Nehru Place Market Delhi

The Nehru Place of Delhi is the it hub and largest computer market of New Delhi. This Nehru Place Market Delhi is located in the southern part of Delhi and some famous tourist places around the Nehru place Delhi. How to reach Nehru place market Delhi.

Nehru Place of New Delhi

Nehru Place is one of the newer markets in New Delhi. This was built in the 1980s as a large commercial hub. Today the area is home to some of the most notable electronics stores around the city. Practically anything that anyone needs for computers or networking can be found at Nehru Place.

Nehru Place was built in the southern part of the state of Delhi in the early 1980s. It was named in honour of Jawaharlal Nehru. Nehru was the country's first Prime Minister and had served in that position from 1947 to 1964.

The area does not necessarily have any substantial architectural features to it like some other historic sites around New Delhi. It simply features a series of short buildings alongside a large courtyard for shoppers to walk around in. Most of the buildings that are featured here are the same buildings that had been around when Nehru Place first opened. Some concerns have come about over how well these buildings are maintained though.

The key point about the stores at Nehru Place is that they sell all types of technology products. These stores especially came into existence around the 1990s when the information technology industry began to boom in India. Today the market is home to all sorts of products for IT professionals and people who are looking for computers and computer goods.

The shops that sell these products come in many forms. There are a number of locally based retailers that offer different products. There are also some official showrooms that are operated by many technology companies that make their own products. These official showrooms are often considered to be more popular because the products that they sell are authentic products and not cheap imitations.

A big feature of the Nehru Place shops is that some of them allow people to barter with each other. This is where people can negotiate special bargains on different products. Anyone who has good bargaining skills will be more likely to get a good deal on products at Nehru Place if they are persuasive enough in getting their deals.

Some of the dealers at Nehru Place are actually street hawkers. They can provide people with a variety of different goods at different corners and walkways around the market. These hawkers often offer good deals and are more receptive to bartering or bargaining than other stores in the market. However, some of these dealers may not be full licensed to work in the market. Still, this is a great sign of the large amount of competition that is being held throughout the market.

Technology is not the only thing that Nehru Place offers in its stores. There are also a few banks and restaurants around the market. The New Delhi Nehru Place market even has its very own movie theater with several screens.

A variety of offices can be found in the area as well. These offices belong to a variety of different multinational technology corporations. A few bank offices are also located in the area. These offices often accompany the bank branches in the market.

The market is very easy to reach. The market does have its own large parking garage. Much of this garage is situated underground. There is also a full service bus depot at Nehru Place. This will allow people to travel to the market from almost any other part of New Delhi.

Nehru Place is a great market for people to visit if they are looking for great computer and IT goods in New Delhi. This market is home to several different stores and retailers that offer all kinds of great computer and technology products.