Information on Tibet House Museum Delhi

Enjoy the sightseeing tour of Delhi by visiting to Tibet house of Delhi, where you see the Tibet culture, artifacts, collection of old and rare art objects from Tibet. The Tibet House museum New Delhi has become a famous tourism destination for peoples for its many rare artifacts.

Tibet House of Delhi

The Tibet House is an important museum in Delhi. This is a museum that is devoted to Tibet and the culture of the land. It is a museum that features a large variety of artifacts that are important to the history of Tibet along with many seminars and events.

The history of Tibet House Delhi shows that it was formed in 1965. It was established by the Dalai Lama, who also laid a foundation stone to the new building that was established in the 1970s. This is a house that is devoted to the study and preservation of the cultures of Tibet and Buddhism.

The Tibet house Museum Delhi has become a popular site that it features many different artifacts from Tibet. A number of these artifacts have been brought over by people who have been fleeing the land due to ongoing political struggles and human rights concerns in the area. Many of these artifacts have been donated by people to the Dalai Lama for use in the Tibet House.

Today these artifacts can be found through the large museum at the Tibet House. The museum has become a notable destination for people in Delhi thanks to its many rare artifacts.

The artifacts that are featured at the museum are varied. There are hundreds of Thangka paintings at the museum. These paintings include silk textures and many scenes of deities and events in the history of Buddhism.

There are also several statues of varying sizes at the Tibet House. These statues include ones that have been made with copper and bronze materials. There are more than a hundred statues on display here.

Many other kinds of artifacts can be found here. These include such popular artifacts as Buddha statues, musical instruments, performance costumes, old fashions and even some old currency notes that have long since become obsolete.

The most notable artifacts at the Tibet House are the Tankhas from the fifteenth century. These are large scrolls that have elaborate and colored paintings of the life of Buddha on them. These scrolls have all been arranged to tell the full story of Buddha's life.

There are even some ancient books and texts from Tibet here. These are located in the Tibet House Library and Resource Centre. There are more than four thousand texts in the library. Most of them are in Tibetan while others are in English.

It has become easier for people to use the Tibet House library in recent years. The library has been renovated recently and several electronic archives. Some new cataloguing systems have even been developed to make it easier to find Tibetan texts.

A conference hall is also located here. This hall is host to many lectures and programmes on Tibet and other related topics. The schedule for events at the conference hall will vary but there are usually different events that are held here throughout the year.

People can even take part in many workshops that are scheduled at the Tibet House throughout the year. Visitors to this place in Delhi can learn more about artwork and calligraphy. Lessons on the Tibetan language are also provided. There are also special seminars held on the history of Tibet and about the Buddhist religion.

Today people from all walks of life are invited to visit the Tibet House. This building is in Delhi at the Institutional Area of Lodhi Road. It is also open only on weekdays.

This is a very important building to the culture of Tibet and its history. The Tibet House is home to many impressive artifacts and all sorts of great activities that all people who visit Delhi should look into.