DBUnit Tutorials

DBUnit Tutorials and examples

DBUnit Tutorials

Database Testing with DbUnit

DbUnit is an open source Framework created by Manuel Laflamme. This is a powerful tool for simplifying Unit Testing of the database operations. This tutorial explains the concepts of this testing tool with proper example.

The DbUnit is an extension of JUnit which is used data-driven Java applications. With the help of DbUnit you can repopulate your database with sample data and perform unit testing of the Java application.

This helps the developers to quickly Unit test database driven applications. You can completely test persistence layer of your application.

In this tutorial we have given examples which will help you in learning DbUnit quickly.

The list of topics is given below:

  1. Introduction to DbUnit
  2. Advantages of DbUnit
  3. Setting up the environment
  4. DbUnit test Life Cycle
  5. Getting Started