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Unlike common document, Technical document is not the hard copy of text or still photographs or graphics or the hotchpotch of all of them

What is Technical Document?

Unlike common document, Technical document is not the hard copy of text or still photographs or graphics or the hotchpotch of all of them. It is an important information that can be operated, maintained, repaired, supported and disposed throughout its life. It includes paper, fiche, drawings, Computer Aided Design (CAD) data, electronic text, non-textual data e.g. graphics, video etc.

It is constructed for any specific purpose or any field of interest. Mostly it is created for the study of human or mechanical factors, procedures, and processes in the fields of medicine, science, logistics, research, development, test and evaluation, intelligence, investigations, and armament delivery. It is also known as TECDOC in short.

Producing a good document is not an easy task. A good technical document is not much different from an Instructional Design product where the primary purpose is to train the user. A good documentation must have the quality to be assessed easily and accepted by most of the user.
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To hire any professional technical document maker can be expensive because of arranging the resources and amateur technician can not satisfy your requirement. The best solution is to look for the outsourcing the documentation service. It can be a cost effective and efficient both, especially when different types of manuals are required. provides the services of technical documentation within the time limit and minimal charges with global quality standard that will be beneficial for the client’s business. develops documentation for a wide range of products from high tech to consumer products as well as for the researchers and scholars. We produce a very quality product that can be handle easily and able to fulfill all the requirements of the customer.ADS_TO_REPLACE_2

A High quality product always satisfy it’s client and make a relationship between the manufacturer and the end user while poor documentation can be the reason of reduction in repeat orders as unable to convince the client. If customers cannot understand how to use the product produce by you, it is worthless for them. Then it doesn’t matter how good it is! is a customer-focused company that always gives the priority to the client’s satisfaction. It knows the value of client’s view.

How do we work? ADS_TO_REPLACE_3

Before the beginning of any project, the company appoints a project manager who will assess the client’s requirement and create an overall plan to how to achieve it. He will also make us clear what is the requirement of the client and what will the final output. He will also indicate about the client’s budget and the deadline of our assignment. We will also be in touch regularly to make sure that will get the best possible task within time-limit and budget.

If you need a technical document expert through outsourcing, will be the best choice. Consider the advantages of working with

  • Educated and experienced technical staff.
  • Committed to provide quality products within your time-limit and budget
  • Responsive to our clients
  • Ready to meet your precise needs and deadlines.
  • Available for short-term as well as long-term project.
  • Flexible in writing according to the client’s style or to regulatory standards.

Here are a list of our technical documentation services:ADS_TO_REPLACE_4

Technical Documentation

  1. Deliverable
  2. Resources
  3. Expertise
  4. Outsourcing
  5. Training
  6. Case Studies
  7. White Papers.

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