iBatis: iBatis-Showing all data from database




In this section we have written many tutorials on iBatis. Article explains you how to use iBatis framework for accessing the database. iBatis ORM framework for persisting the data.

You can execute query against database using iBatis framework from your Java program. You can also fetch the database from database using query. It allows the developers to query the database and get the result into PJO objects.

Here are the tutorials of iBatis Framework:

  1. iBatis-Showing all data from database
    is a Data persistence framework like Hibernate, JDO and EJB that maps objects to SQL statements. It is a lightweight framework and persistence API good for persisting POJOs( Plain Old Java Objects).

  2. iBatis-Inserting data into database
    The greatest feature of iBatis is it?s simplicity, and that is the only reason of being it easier to use in any database application. iBatis makes it really simple to use a database with Java or any other Microsoft applications.

  3. iBatis Deletion Tutorial
    I hope you have completely understood how to insert and show data from database in the previous examples. So in this example you will learn how to delete the data from database using iBatis.

  4. iBatis Update -Updating data of a table
    Add, Update and Delete are very common and essential feature for any database application. In this iBatis tutorial we have already explained about Insert and Delete in Java using iBatis, now this section will introduce you how you can update data in data table with the iBatis.

  5. iBatis ResultMap example
    If you are working with iBatis Result Map then you must know that iBatis result maps are used to provide mapping between the result of database query and object properties of it.

  6. iBatis Stored Procedure Example
    As you have seen in the previous part of tutorials that we can use inline insert , delete, update SQL commands on our database table with iBatis. Here is the example where you will see how "Stored Procedures" are called in iBatis ?