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Big Data and Hadoop Training - Online and classroom

Programmers with right skills of Big Data technologies is in huge demand. If you are Java developer you can learn Big Data programming in just 5 days of online training.

Big Data and Hadoop online training for Java Programmer

Yes, you have reached at right place to learn Big Data and Hadoop in quickest possible time. We at Rose India provides online training to experienced Java developer on Big Data and Hadoop ecosystem so that they can get new challenging jobs in less possible time.

Our Big Data and Hadoop training is 5 days training in these technologies and this training course will help programmers to learn technologies that will enable them to work on Big Data projects.

We cover Big Data, Hadoop, HDFS, MapReduce, Hbase, Hive, Pig, Yarn, Oozie, Flume and Sqoop. This course covers live examples of using these technologies in developing the real-time analytics applications. Hadoop provides ideal environment for saving and processing the huge data-sets in real-time and generates reports for business. These days business like Retail, Social Media, Aviation etc. are using real-time analysis for business decisions in real-time. Scope of Big Data application is very high in today's scenario.ADS_TO_REPLACE_1

Big Data and Hadoop Training

If you see study the demand of Big Data developers then you can find its scope and its necessary for getting highly paid Jobs in the IT field. Big Data and analytics is another area where developers can get good jobs.

Start Date Duration Timing
06 October 5 Weeks 8:00PM to 11PM
13 October 5 Weeks 8:00PM to 11PM
20 October 5 Weeks 8:00PM to 11PM

Who can learn Big Data?ADS_TO_REPLACE_2

Anyone having programming language experience can learn the technologies of Big Data. If you have good mathematical skills you can apply your knowledge for huge data processing and generating the meaningful reports for business.

Duration: 5 days 
Level: Basic to Advance in Big Data programming
Hands-On: 70% 

Software requirementADS_TO_REPLACE_3

  • Latest computer with Windows 10
  • Oracle virtual box
  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • JDK 8
  • Eclipse
  • Putty and ssh client

Where Big Data is used?

Big Data is used on the places where there is huge set of data which can't be managed or processed by traditional RDBS system. Here is some of the field where Big Data is used:

  • Retail Industry
  • Social Media
  • Aviation Industry
  • Tourism Industry
  • Finance Industry
  • Medicine Industry
  • Bio-informatics Industry
  • Crime record analysis
  • Video Streaming and analytics
  • Poll surveys
  • Video processing
  • Health care Industry
  • Insurance Industry

Objective of the Course:  ADS_TO_REPLACE_4

  • Introduction to Big Data and its applications 
  • Introduction Hadoop
  • Installing and using Hadoop
  • Using other technologies of Hadoop and Big data
  • Application of Big Data and Hadoop for real time projects

Who can take the Course: 

Anyone having knowledge of Programming opt this training course. Java Developer, IT Manager, Software Testing Expert or the Developers having experience in Java Technologies can apply for the training on the course. 

How the Course is delivered: ADS_TO_REPLACE_5

This training is delivered online or in class room. Contact us with hour training requirements.

Course Content 

  1. Overview
    • Introduction to Big Data
    • Big Data technologies in Market
    • Introduction to Hadoop
    • Why use Hadoop?
    • Where Hadoop can be used?
    • Hadoop Ecosystem
  2. Hadoop
    • Introduction to Hadoop
    • Use of Hadoop in Big Data
    • Installing Hadoop
    • Starting and stopping Hadoop
    • Hadoop Basic Commands 
  3. HDFS and YARN 
    • Introduction to Hadoop
    • Introduction to Yarn 
    • HDFS Architecture
    • Components of HDFS
    • Block Replication
    • Examples
  4. MapReduce and Scoop
    • Introduction and uses of MapReduce
    • Example of MapReduce
    • Introduction to Scoop
    • Examples
  5. Hive and Impala 
    • Introduction
    • Examples of Hive and Impala
    • Other Examples 
  6. Working example of Hive and Impala
    • Using Hive and Impala - In depth topic
    • Data Types in Hive
    • Validating data
    • Examples of Htcatalog
  7. Data formats
    • Data format Introduction 
    • Supported File Format 
    • Data Serialization 
    • Importing MySQL data into Hivetb
    • Example with Scoop 
    • Excercises
  8. Advance Hive concepts
    • Learn Advanced concepts of Hive 
    • Learn Data File Partitioning 
    • Hands-on-Excercise
  9. Apache Flume and HBase
    • Introduction to Flume
    • Introduction to HBase
    • Excercises
  10. Refining the Handling
    • Intercepting Filter Pattern 
    • Exception Handling 
    • Interceptors 
    • Decorator Pattern 
    • Context and Lifecycle 
    • Awareness Interfaces 
    • Support and Utility Classes 
    • "Death By XML" 
  11. Apache Pig
    • What is Apache Pig? 
    • Introduction to Pig development
    • Downloading data set for examples
    • Examples
  12. Apache Spark
    • Introduction to Apache Spark
    • Spark Architecture
    • RDD Operations
    • Examples
  13. RDDs in Spark
    • Introduction to RDDs
    • RDD data types
    • RDD Creation
    • Examples

This training is supported with the examples and exercises which gives good exposure to the developers. Developer will get the enough knowledge and exposure for working on the latest big data projects.ADS_TO_REPLACE_6

Cost of this course if Rs. 20,000. But for limited time we are providing this course online only at a price of Rs. 6,000 or US$80. Course Duration 5 weeks (3 hours per week) through online mode.

Contact us for your training requirement. Call us at +91 9971440022, +91 9313063554 for query about this training classes.

Contact us at [email protected] for your training requirements.

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