Build and Test tools

Learn how to create robust application with the use of latest Build and Test tools. In this tutorial we are explaining about various software project build and test tools.

Build and Test tools

Build and Test tools

Application Build and Test tools tutorials. In this section are providing tutorials and examples for all the build and test tools available for the Java programmers.

Java Build Tools

There many Java Build tools available for the Java programmers. These tools help the programmer to build their project efficiently. Build process is repetitive process where programmer builds the project again and again to test the changes in the project code. While developing a project code changes needs to be test and the testing requires the build of the code and finally deploying on the server for testing. Build tools automate the repetitive process and allows the programmer to concentrate on the project development. It also reduces the overall build time. Build tools makes the build process just a single click work. Here are the list of build tools available in Java:

Java build and Test Tools

Building and testing tools are very useful in the development of the applications. With the help of these tools you can make your application highly testable. You can run unit test, integration test, database test, load and stress test on your applications automatically. These test are very important in development and even maintenence of the applications.

These tools allows you to test your application thoroughly. You can test each functions of the applications. If you are maintaining the application then such test will help you in testing your applications thoroughly. For example if once business changes in your application due to some change request. You can make changes in the code and then run the automatic test to see the effect of change in your application. Such type of testing is very important for any application.