ASP.NET Web Hosting

ASP.NET is latest technologies from Microsoft for the development of web applications. ASP.NET is built upon the .NET Framework.

ASP.NET Web Hosting

ASP.NET Web Hosting

ASP.NET is latest technologies from Microsoft for the development of web applications. ASP.NET is built upon the .NET Framework. The .NET Framework has two main components: the common language runtime (CLR) and the .NET Framework class library. Microsoft® .NET Framework is used for building Web applications and XML Web services. 

These days many applications are being development using ASP.NET. There are many top web hosting service providers, providing the ASP.NET support on their web servers.

Advantages of ASP.NET

ASP.NET provides many advantages for the programmers and the end users. Here are some the advantages:

  1. Powerful database-driven applications
    ASP.NET allows the developer to develop powerful database driven applications. ASP.NET is object oriented and has many tools for the programmers.
  2. Application Developed in ASP.NET are very fast
    Software developed in ASP.NET are very fast as ASP.NET compiles the code into machine language and cash it. So the response are very fast.
  3. Memory leak protection and protection against crashes
    ASP.NET automatically recovers from any memory leaks and other errors, making your website always available to the users.
  4. Support for Multiple languages
    Now a days ASP.NET supports VB.NET, C#, JScript.Net etc.. This helps the programmer to easily embark on the project as they are already aware of one or more programming languages.
Looking at the above facts, its clear that the ASP.NET developement and hosting your application on ASP.NET enables  your business to run smoothly.

Free ASP Web Hosting

Here is the directory of Free ASP hosting providers.

  • WebSamba
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  • Brinkster
    We offer you the Educational package free of charge, to improve your coding and web design skills. Free ASP Hosting Package includes 15MB Web Space, 500MB Web Traffic and 1 E-mail.
    We are providing 50 MB free space.
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    We provide 100MB Disk Space, 1GB Monthly Bandwidth, Active Server Pages Support on Windows-based Hosting servers.