Cloud Migration Services

We offer Cloud Migration Services for business applications on the AWS, Azure, GCP and others, We also offer Hybrid cloud application development and maintenance services.

Cloud Migrations of existing application, data and services to modernize your applications

We at Rose India is premium software application development company having years of experience in the cloud services like  AWS, Azure, GCP and others. We are offering Cloud Migration Services to our esteem client with high success rate, we help client to stay on the top by using the latest cloud technologies. We help organizations in shifting to the cloud environments such as  AWS, Azure, GCP etc. to use the full potential of cloud for their applications. We help client in migrating their existing data, applications and develops the necessary applications for running their applications of the cloud environment. The migration of their applications on the cloud results in cost saving and using the best infrastructure to meet their workload environment. Our Cloud Migration Services helps organizations in migrating and modernizing their applications from On-Premise to cloud environment with minimal disruption. We also help organizations in developing the new applications or migrating their existing application for cloud platform.

We offer cloud migration services and our team of technical advisors will help you find a migration path if you end up deciding to return to one of those cloud services. Our team will discuss your migration requirement, understand the data, software and digital assets to be migrated to the cloud. We will also understand the new application development or migration requirement and present you with the cloud migration plan. This will able to map your requirement with the actual migration steps and will be able to track the work progress.

cloud migration services

What is cloud migration?

Cloud migration is the process of moving data, application and other digital resources on the cloud service provider, such as AWS, Azure, GCP and others. The company's assets are deployed on the secured cluster behind the firewall and no one access the company's data without proper authorization. This way companies can move their data on the cloud environment without compromising any security issues and company can use the cloud for running their modern application in a secure environment. During recent years the use of Cloud computing picked up at very fast speed due to the benefits it is offering to the businesses. These days Cloud computing is in high demand and it's use is increasing fast in hosting today's business applications like Deep Learning/ Machine Learning, high computational applications, micro services, databases, full text search applications, Data Lake, distributed processing programs, video streaming servers and much more. We at Rose India offers Cloud Migration services, we help client in migrating Deep Learning/ Machine Learning, high computational applications, micro services, databases, full text search applications, Data Lake, distributed processing programs, video streaming servers and many others on the Cloud services.

Cloud computing providers are working with thousands of customers to host their applications, websites, databases, storage on the cloud infrastructures. Thousands of companies are migrating their on-premise workload to the cloud computing servers. Some companies are also adopting on-premise and cloud computing model to run their business workload. Migrating their workloads on the cloud computing environment helps business in achieving business productivity, disaster recovery, high availability and operational resilience. So, cloud computing offer  host of benefits to the business, we at Rose India helps our clients in migrating their on-premise workload on the cloud computing servers.

What are the benefits of Cloud migration?

Cloud service allows the business to rent the server and usually there is no long term commitment. So, you will be able to use the computing resource as per your requirement. This is different  from the on-premise setup, where you have to buy the server, getting it installed, configured, install all the software stack and configure the security before using the server. So, in case of on-premise setup there is a huge upfront cost, while on the cloud there is no such cost and you can rent the server based on your requirement. So, if you move your software to the cloud then you will be able to save a lot of upfront cost. Saving the up-front cost is very import  for most of the business as there server usage pattern might change in future which will affect their previous investments.

Here are the benefits of migrating to Cloud:

  • Upfront cost saving - No need to pay for hardware cost, you can pay as you go on the usage basis.
  • Cost saving on computing/data processing - There are unused resources available on the cloud which you might use for running the computing on requirement basis. You can run less critical jobs on such instances.
  • Choice of servers to use based on the use case - For example, sometimes you might need compute intensive server, while other time you might need servers with huge memory storage. In such scenario you can choose different servers on demand and once your work is done you can remove it. Such flexibility is not possible in on-premise setup. This way companies can save a lot of money by moving to the cloud computing servers such as AWS, Azure, GCP and others.
  • Flexibility in use of computing/storage resource - You will be able to use the resources as per your requirement  and pay only for the resources you are using.
  • Immediate business value - You can choose the computing resource as per your requirement to process the data fast and this will show you immediate results. You can increase the resources in no time when your business grows.
  • Faster deployment time - As servers can be created in matter of hours, application be deployed in days instead of months.
  • Highly secured environment - The cloud provider provides highly secured environment to host your applications.
  • World class monitoring support - You can use the world class server monitoring tools available with the cloud environment to monitor the health of your servers and applications.

Cloud Migration Services offered by Rose India

Being a dynamic software company, we offer world class Cloud Migration Services using the latest innovations in cloud and software technology stack. We offer migration of your Big Data environment on the cloud infrastructure at very affordable cost. Our highly trained technical staff will help you uncover the benefits of cloud environment for your business and offer a fast migration of your software on the cloud computing environment.

Our Cloud Migration service includes:

  • Infrastructure Migration
  • Data Migration
  • Platform Migration
  • Application Migration
  • Development of new applications for cloud
  • Cloud monitoring
  • Spark application development
  • Cloud Dev Ops setup and maintenance

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