Lakshmi Narayan Birla Temple of Delhi

The lakshmi narayan temple of Delhi, one of the most popular tourist destination of Delhi. Visit to Lakshmi narayan birla mandir Delhi to put your holy homage in this Hindu temple. This Lakshmi narayan temple is popularly know as birla temple of Delhi, a must to see spot of Delhi.

Delhi Lakshmi Narayan Temple

The Lakshmi Narayan Temple in New Delhi has been altered a number of times over the years. The purpose of the temple is still the same. It is a temple that was made in honour of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi. This is a very attractive temple with impressive spaces.

The first part of the Lakshmi Narayan Temple was built in the early seventeenth century. The temple had undergone some renovations during this time. However, the temple as it is known today was truly created in the 1930s. Baldeo Das Birla, a notable entrepreneur of the area, built the new temple space around the area.

The specific spot of this temple is not too far from the Connaught Place. It is at the Mandir Marg, a spot that is a little over a kilometre west of the place. The spot was chosen because it is relatively easy for people to reach through a variety of transportation methods.

This temple opened up to the public in 1939. It was inaugurated in that year by Mahatma Gandhi. This was done with the condition that all people from all walks of life would be allowed to get into the temple. The temple has been maintained by members of the Birla family ever since it opened up.

The temple can be easily noticed by its impressive design. It features an exterior that is made with a combination of red sandstone and white marble just like some other religious sites around Delhi. There are also three nearly identical towers that protrude at the entrance of the temple. The tallest of these is about 165 feet in height. This large tower was originally prepared by more than a hundred workers from Varanasi, an Uttar Pradesh city that is near the River Ganges.

There are several different carvings located around the entire body of the Lakshmi Narayan Temple. These carvings are ones that relate to the mythology of India and Hinduism. There are also some traditional paintings that can be found around the temple. These paintings are also of Hindu mythological figures.

A series of red sandstone and metallic swastikas are also present around the building. A few indoor gardens and some fountains are also featured here.

Lakshmi is not the only goddess that is worshipped in the Lakshmi Narayan Temple Delhi. There are also some smaller shrines around the temple for other gods. There are some shrines that are devoted to the Lord Shiva and to Durga.

There is even a Buddhist temple located in the Lakshmi Narayan Temple. This area features a Buddha statue and a number of paintings that relate to Buddha's life.

The back area of the temple features a series of smaller rock temples. Another spot in this area is a large arena. This arena was believed to have been used as a gymnasium for Bhima from the Mahabharata family.

The temple is an especially popular attraction in New Delhi during the annual Janamashtami festival. This is a festival that pays tribute to the birth of the Lord Krishna. The Lakshmi Narayan Temple will be flocked by a series of events and features many ceremonies with all sorts of beautiful flowers and scents. The date of this festival varies by year. It will be celebrated in 2011 on 21 August. It will also be on 10 August 2012, 28 August 2013 and 17 August 2014.

The Lakshmi Narayan Temple is a great temple in New Delhi that features some of the most appealing sights around. The temple is easily open to people of all sorts and has many beautiful pieces of work that relate to Hindu mythology.