Information about Fun N Food Village Delhi

The Fun N Food Village of Delhi Gurgaon Border, is an amusement park, which attracts tourist throughout the year. This fun and food village amusement park located at Kapashera Delhi is popular place for fun and enjoyment.

Fun N Food Village of Delhi

The Fun N Food Village is an amusement park in Delhi. It is located in the southwestern part of Delhi right near the border with Gurgaon. The park is noted not only for its rides and water attractions but also for the many traditional events that can be found at spaces all around the park.

The Fun N Food Village was opened in 1993. It was built as a theme park that promotes fun and tradition. The park is open on all days except for Diwali, which will be on 26 October in 2011 and 13 November in 2012. Expanded hours are also used during some peak times.

The park features many great rides for people to enjoy. These include predominantly traditional carnival rides that all members of the family can enjoy. These include such rides as the spinning Tora Tora, the high-flying Eagle Ride, the up-and-down Magic Carpet Ride and the enjoyable Bumper Boat ride.

The Fun N Food Village is especially known for its water rides. The water rides are in the Village Club section of the park. These are all popular in that they cover all sorts of fun things. Some of the slides in the park are among the longest in all of Delhi. There are also some wider slides that all members of the family can go on at once and even the River Slide, a slide that requires people to go on a large inflatable tube.

A wave pool and a smaller pool for the kids are also featured here. There is also a lazy river that is more than four hundred feet long. Also, people who want to enjoy a more challenging water slide can enjoy the Fun Slide. This slide features all sorts of turns and movements that make it all the more enjoyable. The Aqua Shoot is a slide that is also exciting in that it is very steep and fast.

A variety of traditional events can be found around the theme park. For example, there is a great art plaza that features all sorts of artists at work creating a variety of traditional sculptures and other handicrafts. These areas can be found around some of the many beautiful lawns at the Fun N Food Village.

There is also a large theater at the park. This is an open air theatre that features many special events that vary throughout the year.

There is even an animal parade at the Fun N Food Village Kapashera Delhi. This parade features exhibitions from all sorts of traditional Indian animals.

A large dining area is also covered at the Fun N Food Village Gorgaon Border. This dining area is indoors and covers all types of foods.

The facilities for guests are very convenient. The park has a health club and a full service beauty parlor inside of it. There are also some larger private facilities that can be used to handle weddings or business events among other special occasions.

Several amenities are provided to guests at the Fun N Food Village. These include full changing areas. These are spaces where people can rent out lockers and change their clothes when getting into and out of the water park area of the village. These lockers are easy to rent out and will provide guests with all sorts of great and convenient features.

The Fun N Food Village Delhi Gurgaon is a popular theme park to visit when in Delhi. This theme park is home to all sorts of fun activities and features many great rides. It is fun for those who want to get wet or to simply enjoy some fun rides and a number of different traditional events.

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