Information on India Gate of Delhi

The India Gate of Delhi is the famous landmark of Delhi. The Delhi India Gate memorial built for Indian soldiers who served Great Britain in World war I. Must to see the famous India Gate Memorial of New Delhi.

India Gate ? A Must to Visit in Delhi

The India Gate is one of the most notable attractions in all of Delhi. This is a massive gate that is located along the Yamuna River and was built as a memorial to the soldiers of India who had lost their lives in war. It is a beautiful and valuable memorial in the city of Delhi.

The India Gate was built in the early part of the twentieth century. It was designed by Edwin Lutyens, a notable architect who designed a number of different buildings around Delhi. The arch is 42 meters in height. It can be easily visible from several kilometers away.

The design of the gate is very similar to what is featured in the Arc de Triomphe, a familiar landmark in Paris. It features a large arch alongside two massive pillars with a large rectangular support at the top of the arch. There is also a noticeable ledge at the top alongside a few special recesses and other designs around the sides of the arch.

The India Gate was constructed as a memorial. It is dedicated to the tens of thousands of soldiers from India that died in World War I. In fact, the gate was originally referred to as the All India War Memorial.

Red sandstone was used in the construction of the India Gate. This sandstone features a large design with the word "India" etched on both sides of the gate at the very top. Also, there are several names of deceased soldiers etched into the gate. It is estimated that there are more than seventy thousand names etched around the build of the gate.

A shallow bowl is also featured at the very top of the India Gate. This bowl is used as a place where burning oil can be placed in. This is to be used for special events throughout the year.

The gate also features an eternal flame at the bottom. This is the Amar Jawan Jyoti. This is an eternal flame that was added to the India Gate after India became an independent nation. It was established in honor of the unknown soldiers that died for the country. There is always a solider from one of the three national branches of the Indian military keeping guard over this area.

There are many other things that can be found around the base of the India Gate. There are several beautiful lawns and gardens located around the gate. There is also a park for children and even a boating club in the area. These are great features that can make the India Gate a great site for families to visit. The lawns are especially popular during the evening when the gate lights up and many vendors come out into the area. The gate will truly become vibrant as the evening comes along.

There is even an annual celebration that takes place every year on 26 January. This day, which is also known as Republic Day, is a day when a parade occurs around the gate. This parade features many of the military pieces that India uses to this day. It also features performances from acts from around the country. An interesting point about this is that it is one of the few holidays in India where the President is not invited.

This large gate is a beautiful place to visit when in Delhi. The India Gate is not only a great marvel of design and build and a great place to meet people at but also an important place to the people of India. It is a notable memorial to the people who died in war for the country.