Pragati Maidan Travel in New Delhi

The Pragati Maidan of New Delhi is one of the travel destination of Delhi where you can see the various exhibitions, events, fairs and shows. Travel to Pragati Maidan exhibition complex Delhi, a unique spot that gives visitors an opportunity to take a look at many new things from all sorts of points in the world of commerce.

Pragati Maidan Travel in Delhi

The state of Delhi has become a very popular place for business in India. The Pragati Maidan convention centre is a building that reflects this popularity. This is a building that features a massive space for conventions and other important activities around Delhi. It is a unique spot that gives visitors in Delhi an opportunity to take a look at many new things from all sorts of points in the world of commerce.

Pragati Maidan, which translates to "Field of Progress," is specifically located in the city of New Delhi. This area has been in operation for more than thirty years. It features eighteen different meeting halls and covers nearly 150 acres of land.

The area is currently operated by the India Trade Promotion Organisation. This organisation works to support trade with other countries.

Travel to Pragati Maidan Delhi can be view and easily noticeable by its unique design. The area features several different buildings that come in contemporary designs. The most unique design can be found on Hall 6 of the complex. This hall features a large build with several triangular panels around the outside of the hall. The triangles are used to create a consistent pattern that will make the hall look a little more noticeable from a long distance.

The complex is home to a series of different pavilions. These include places that feature a variety of exhibitions that relate to the evolution of India and the technologies of the country. These pavilions include the Defense Pavilion, Indira Pavilion and Nehru Pavilion among several others. There are also some permanent exhibitions that relate to such things as atomic energy and the life of former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

Several big name events are held in the area throughout the year. The most notable event that takes place at Pragati Maidan is the annual India International Trade Fair. This occurs every year in November month. It is a large meeting space where businesses and retailers from all over the country show off their newest products and many different things that they have been developing. These include products from all sorts of different industries.

Another notable event is the Auto Expo at Pragati Maidan New Delhi. This occurs on every even numbered year. This is known for being the largest automobile show in all of Asia. This is where both notable car companies and auto parts manufacturers will show off their newest products and prototypes. It has become one of the world's top auto shows over the years.

There are some other assorted events that can be held in the area throughout the year. There are many musical concerts that are held in this area throughout the year. These include concerts from many different performers who come from outside of India. Fashion shows from all sorts of high end designers are also held here throughout the year.

In fact, the Pragati Maidan is continuously holding a variety of different types of events for all sorts of specialized fields every year. These include book fairs, stationery fairs and food fairs. The schedule of events is always changing here. The facility and the ITPO have fortunately been keeping track of all of its events and have been posting details on its events through internet.

The Travel to Pragati Maidan Delhi is a great site to visit when in Delhi India. This is a great area that provides people in Delhi with the opportunity to get a great look at all sorts of different products from many businesses in India and elsewhere. The conventions and expos that it holds throughout the year are very popular. There are also plenty of great events that can be found throughout the year as well.