Delhi Raj Ghat Memorial of Mahatma Gandhi

The famous tourist destination Raj Ghat Delhi is the Mahatma Gandhi Samadhi Delhi, a tribute to our father of nation. This Raj Ghat Memorial of Delhi is must to see places of Delhi. Make you trip to Gandhi Memorial of Raj Ghat New Delhi, the cremation ground of Mahatma Gandhi.

Raj Ghat in Delhi

One of the most well revered sites in Delhi is Raj Ghat. This is a relatively simple looking space in that it is a simple marble space. However, it is important tourist spots to the people of India. This is where Mahatma Gandhi was cremated.

Mahatma Gandhi(The Father of Nation) is known for being one of the most important people in the history of India. He was a vital revolutionary whose message of peace and non-violence helped to shape the quest for India to become an independent nation. His words have influenced many people over the years and were especially valuable to Martin Luther King Jr. in his quest for civil rights in the United States.

The Raj Ghat Gandhi Memorial is the area that Gandhi was cremated at on 31 January 1948. The black marble space that makes up the Raj Ghat is the specific space where he was cremated at. It was established as a marker in 1951 by an Act of Parliament.

This space is located in Delhi off of the Yamuna River. It is located around Ring Road. This road is also referred to as Mahatma Gandhi in some cases.

The black marble slab is notable for many different decorations and accents. It features a series of flowers around the top of the slab. A smaller bench that is also covered in a variety of flowers is located right next to the slab. These are appealing features that are impressive for anyone to take a look at.

There is also an eternal flame featured around the central part of the Raj Ghat. This eternal flame is covered in a glass build.

The words "Hey Ram" are attached to the build of the Raj Ghat. These are the words that Gandhi had said when he fell after being shot to death. These are the last words that he had spoken before he had died.

There are many other features to take a look at around the Raj Ghat in Delhi. These features include a series of trees around the build of the marble space. This also features a number of trees and a series of walls used to help protect the area from flooding.

There are a few other memorials located right around the Raj Ghat. These include memorials devoted to a number of former Prime Ministers and other important figures to the history of India. These spaces are places where many of these figures were cremated. These include people like Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi among many others.

An important point about visiting the Raj Ghat is that it uses a series of important rules for people who enter the area. For example, a person is going to have to take one's shoes off before entering the space where the Raj Ghat is located in. Also, a custom at the Raj Ghat is to circumnavigate the space three times when visiting.

Special ceremonies are also held every Friday. These ceremonies are held to commemorate the life of Gandhi. There are also additional ceremonies that take place on Gandhi's birthday of 2 October and his death day on 30 January.

The National Gandhi Museum is also located not too far from the Raj Ghat. This museum features a number of rare artifacts and photographs of Gandhi's life.

The Raj Ghat is an important site that is devoted to the life of Mahatma Gandhi. The Raj Ghat is a simple looking marker that means more to the people of India. It is a very sacred place that is serene and beautiful. Today it features many other memorials to other important figures in the history of India.