Information on St. James Church Delhi

The St. James Church in Delhi is one of the famous and oldest church of New Delhi. The Saint James Church of Delhi was built by Colonel James Skinner, a commanding officer in the British army.

St. James' Church in Delhi

St. James' Church is one of the oldest churches in the city of Delhi. This is an Anglican church that is located along Church Road and Lothian Road. This is a notable religious site in that it features an impressive architectural design that is unique among buildings around Delhi.

St. James' Church was built in 1836. It was built by Colonel James Skinner, a commanding officer in the British army. He was wounded in a battle in 1800 and had pledged that he would build a church if he survived the ordeal. He ended up living and as a result began to follow up on his pledge by raising thousands of rupees to help build a church. The church eventually began its construction in 1826 and would be finished in 1836.

The church was designed with a Renaissance pattern in mind. This is a pattern that had been used throughout Europe over the past few centuries. It was created with the Greek Cross platform in mind. This is a design that features two long rectangular designs that intersect with each other. This is used to create four rectangles that protrude from each other with one square meeting place in the middle of the design. This is a slight variant on the cruciform design that involves the building being shaped to look exactly like a cross.

The ends of the Greek Cross design feature a series of accents. There are a few porches on some of these ends. A number of columns can be found on most of these ends. They are used to support the angled designs that are used around the church.

The top part of the church is very distinguishable. A large dome is used at the top of the church. This features an octagonal design and a slight yellow tone to the appearance of the church.

The main entrance to the church features a large series of columns. These columns are flanked along a series of stained glass windows. These windows feature an elaborate series of colors that blend well with one another.

A copper cross and copper sphere is also featured at the top of St. James' Church. These were designed in the same way as that of what is used at the top of the Florence Cathedral in Florence, Italy. However, the copper items that are used today are not the original ones. The original ones were heavily damaged in the Indian Rebellion of 1857. New replacements were built to go over the spot where the old ones used to be located at.

A number of burial spots can be found around St. James' Church. The burial site of Skinner is inside a vault that is located behind the altar table for communion. The vault features a series of white marble accents.

Other burial spots can be found to the north of St. James' Church. These include burial spots for Skinner's many wives. He had more than ten wives and fathered several children with them. Many of these people are buried in this area of the church grounds.

Today the church is home to many Christian masses. It is also a popular site during many Christian holidays. The church will be well decorated and lit up during these events.

St. James' Church is a notable Christian church that can be found right in Delhi. This church features a number of unique characteristics that make it distinguishable from other buildings around Delhi. The designs make it very pleasing on the eyes while also very easy to find from a distance. It is also home to many burial spots.