About Jamali Kamali Tomb of Delhi

The Jamali Kamali's tomb of Delhi is one of the famous tourist attraction places of Delhi. The brief history of Jamali Kamali tomb Delhi was located in the Archeological park complex of Mehrauli Delhi. This Jamali Kamali Mosque And Tomb is another historical monument that attracts tourist from different parts of world.

Jamali Kamali Tomb to Visit in Delhi

Jamali Kamali Tomb Delhi is the burial site of two people. This tomb is located right next to a larger mosque. It is a spot that is as interesting as the people who are buried there. It is also a facility that features several different accents that make it all the more memorable.

The interesting point about Jamali Kamali Tomb is that it features burial spots for two people who have completely different stories. Jamali is the first person who is buried at Jamali Kamali?s Tomb. Jamali, who was officially known as Shaikh Fazlullh or Jalal Khan, was a notable poet. He was also a student of Jami, another notable poet.

Jamali Kamali is the other person who is buried here. It is not clear as to what he did in his life or who he was related to. It is still believed that he had some kind of a relationship with Jamali in some way. This is why the two are buried in the same tomb.

The mosque and its tomb were built starting in 1528. Construction was finished in 1535. This was the same year that Jamali died in. The tomb is right next door to the mosque. It is much smaller than the rest of the mosque but is still easily noticeable.

The design for the tomb makes it easy to find. It is about twenty-five feet in height and features a perfect square design. It uses the same red sandstone and marble construction that the rest of the mosque features. Some plaster is used on the interior part of the tomb. The burial spots at the tomb are made out of marble.

The interior of Jamali Kamali Tomb has a series of intriguing paintings. Most of these paintings are blue but there are plenty of red accents around them. A series of symmetrical patterns can be found around the roof of the tomb. There are also a few carvings that recite quotes from the Koran, the holy book of Islam. Some of the walls on the inside feature inscriptions that contain quotes from Jamalis works.

There is also a garden located around the tomb. The garden features spruce trees around most of the area. This makes for a great spot for people to relax in. The park is a few acres in size and is very conducive to many events.

Of course, Jamali Kamali's Tomb is situated right next to an impressive mosque. This mosque features five arches around its front with the largest one being in the centre of the entrance. The largest arch also has a dome over it. This is the only dome that is located in the tomb.

Much of the mosque features some of the some scriptures from the Koran etched into its walls. There is also a massive prayer wall at the end of the mosque.

The tomb and mosque have been renovated in recent years. This was done as a means of ensuring that the tomb can be enjoyed by future generations of tourists. The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage is responsible for the process of getting the tomb to be prepared as well as possible.

Today the tomb can be reached by tourists around Delhi. Jamali Kamali's Tomb can be found right near M.G. Road in Delhi. It is actually not too far away from the Qutub Complex and the Quli Khan Tomb.

Jamali Kamali's Tomb is a notable tomb in Delhi that is home to the burial sites of two interesting people. The tomb features a large variety of accents and decorations that make it notable and beautiful.