About South Extension Market Complex Delhi

The famous South Extension Market Delhi, one of the famous shopping market in South Delhi. The south extension shops are home to all sorts of different high end fashions and popular brands outlets. This high-class south Extension market of Delhi is divided into two parts i.e. Part I and Part II.

South Extension Market in Southern Delhi

The southern section of Delhi is home to the South Extension market. This is a market that features several different types of stores that come from all kinds of notable brands. It is open six days a week to the general public and features two unique halves that sell all types of products that all sorts of people can have fun with.

The South Extension can be found in the southern area of Delhi. It is right off of Ring Road. It can be easily found right next door to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

The South Extension is divided by two separate spots. These are known as Parts I and II of the South Extension. These are divided by the road that goes between the two halves of the market. There is no real difference between the two halves with regards to what they feature for sale. They both cater to the same types of people with money to spend for different items.

There are a few special office buildings around Part II of the South Extension. These office buildings are home the headquarters of many important organizations around Delhi. These areas are used to help host a number of valuable events and meetings.

The shopping in South Extension Market of Delhi that is held here is mostly for people with large amounts of income. This comes from the high end features of the South Extension outlets. These outlets are home to all sorts of different high end fashions and other great features. Some of the most popular stores around the South Extension include Big Jos, BG's and Hopps among several others.

The areas generally tend to target the younger demographics around Delhi. This includes younger college students who have good amounts of money to use for buying different items. However, the market has become a place for people of all ages to visit thanks to the many different features around the space.

The products that are sold by these stores are incredibly varied. For example, BG?s is a place that offers all sorts of jewelry products while Tanishq features more high-end jewelry items. Teksons Book Shop features a variety of books and music products for sale. People can also buy shoes and a variety of other athletic wardrobe products at the Nike retail store.

A few larger stores are devoted to a series of different high end brands. Benetton has one of the most notable spaces in the South Extension. The Benetton retail store here covers three stories of retail space.

Some restaurants can also be found in the South Extension. These restaurants are mostly local places that offer several different types of Indian foods. The bhel puri is especially popular here. In fact, the market is home to a large restaurant known as the Bengali Street Market Centre.

The South Extension will be open six days a week. It is closed on Mondays just like with other markets around Delhi. It will not be as busy on the earlier parts of the week but it will be very busy during the weekends. It will help to watch for the bus traffic that can be found around the area during the weekends.

These features are great points that show how the South Extension has become one of the hottest places for people to go to when looking to shop in Delhi. This area features several different items that range from traditional foods to high end fashions and all types of jewelry. The area is very easy to reach and can be enjoyed by all sorts of people with plenty of money to spend.