About Metro Walk Rohini Delhi

The metro walk of Rohini Delhi is newly tourist attraction spots of Delhi. Visit to metro walk Rohini Delhi gives the opportunity to see mall, adventure island and amusement park etc.

Metro Walk Rohini in Delhi

The Delhi Metro Walk is the largest shopping mall in Delhi. The mall is located in the western part of Delhi around the Rohini residential space. This is a very notable shopping mall in that it features several different types of stores and a variety of attractions. It is also famous for being right next door to one of the most notable amusement parks in Delhi. This has become a very popular tourist destination for people to visit when in Delhi.

The Metro Walk is a complex that takes up about 200,000 square feet of space. It is relatively new in that it was built in 2007. It is a big part of the evolution of Delhi. The improved economy around Delhi and the rise of many industries in the area have helped to make this shopping mall and many others around Delhi possible to be open.

The mall is not as new as a few other shopping malls in Delhi, most notably the DLF Galleria. However, it is still larger than most other shopping malls in Delhi.

This shopping complex was built as a partnership between the International Amusement Ltd. group and Unitech, a notable real estate company that prepares many different properties around India. It was built with the intention of hosting both a large shopping centre and an amusement facility. Also, the mall was designed by Lighthouse Creative, an American design company.

The Metro Walk is home to several different retailers. The mall has a Pantaloons store. This is one of the largest retailers in all of India. Of course, there are some other notable retailers to be found around the Metro Walk. These include specialty retail stores from such big names as Reid and Taylor and Reebok to name a few.

The E-Zone at Metro Walk is a popular shop. This large store features a wide variety of electronic products from all sorts of retailers. These include local retailers from India and many different brand names from other parts of the world.

There is also a massive food court at the Metro Walk. This features a variety of local and international food retailers. Some of the most notable food retailers at the Metro Walk include Punjabi By Nature, KFC, Pizza Hut, Costa Coffe, Flaming Wok, Gola Sizzler and Yo China among several others. The variety of foods that these places have to offer is very exceptional, thus making this a great place for both shopping and an affordable meal.

The Metro Walk is adjacent to a large amusement park. This is the Adventure Island amusement park. It covers more than sixty acres of space and features a variety of different rides for people of all ages. It is popular in that many of the rides have been supplied The Metro Walk is separated from Adventure Island by a large pond.

One of the best points about the Metro Walk is that it is open every day of the week. It is also free to get into. People who want to enter the Adventure Island amusement park will have to pay money to get into it.

The Metro Walk is also very accessible. People can easily reach the Metro Walk through the Rithala spot on Line 1. This is the last stop on a line that starts at Dilshad Garden.

The Metro Walk is a notable shopping mall for people to visit. This shopping mall is a great contemporary place for shopping that features a variety of different stores and eateries. It is also located right next to a very popular amusement park, thus making it very easy for people to reach.