Major Dhyan Chand National Hockey Stadium Delhi

The Dhyan Chand National Stadium Delhi is one of the famous Hockey Ground of Delhi organizes various sporting events. This Major Dhyan Chand National Hockey stadium is dedicated to legendary genius hockey player of India.

Dhyan Chand National Stadium in Delhi

Field hockey is one of the most notable sports in Delhi. Today people can watch a number of field hockey events at the Dhyan Chand National Stadium. This is a historic stadium that is home to the national field hockey team.

The Dhyan Chand National Stadium was built in 1933. It was originally used as a stadium for a variety of events but has since been reconfigured to handle field hockey for the most part.

The most notable point about the Dhyan Chand National Stadium is that it was the home to many important events in the 1951 Asian Games. This was the first ever edition of the Asian Games.

The stadium was eventually named in honor of Dhyan Chand. Chand was a field hockey star who played with India's national field hockey team. He led the team to three Olympic gold medals and is considered by many to be one of the greatest players in field hockey history.

The stadium has since become a site for many important field hockey events. It was one of the venues for the 2010 Commonwealth Games and had hosted a few events in the 1982 Asian Games.

Today the Dhyan Chand National Stadium is home to the national men's field hockey team of India. This team has won eight Olympic gold medals and continues to be one of the world's top field hockey teams according to the International Field Hockey Federation.

The construction of Dhyan Chand National Stadium is very appealing. It features a series of embankments with many different types of window spaces. The western facade of the stadium has been legally protected as an important heritage site to the city of Delhi.

The construction is also arranged to where it will not create any obstructions towards the India Gate. The Dhyan Chand National Stadium was built with a rule that it cannot have its lights built over twelve meters in height. This is used to ensure that the view of the India Gate from the area will not be hindered in any way. Hinged lights are used to help create lights that are thirty meters in the air and can be lowered after they have been used. This will help to keep the stadium working with proper standards.

An interesting point about the stadium is that it also has a second field next to it. The main field can handle about twenty thousand people in its stands. The secondary field features enough space for about two thousand people. This is a field that is used for smaller events. This was made with the 2010 Commonwealth Games in mind.

A third field is also used around the area. This is the warm-up pitch field. It is used as a practice facility.

This facility even features some impressive water conservation measures that make it unique among other buildings. It uses a double piping control system to help keep the water safe and easy to handle. It also uses urinals that do not function with water.

The Dhyan Chand National Stadium is very easy for people to reach. The stadium can be found around the India Gate and right near Connaught Place. It is also near six Metro Rail stations. These include the Pragati Maidan, Mandi House and Central Secretariat stations.

The Dhyan Chand National Stadium is a great stadium to visit when traveling through Delhi. This stadium is the home to one of the world's top field hockey teams. It features a variety of great points that make it easy to find and all sorts of fields for a variety of different types of events.

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