Same Day Taj Mahal Tour from Delhi

If you are hard pressed for time and still want to visit taj mahjal then choose the same day taj mahal tour from Delhi. This one day Taj Mahal return tour from Delhi gives the opportunity to take the glimpses of Taj mahal India, one of the seven wonders of world.

Same Day Taj Mahal Tour from Delhi

You are on a visit to the city of Delhi for some leisure or business needs and there is very little time to explore the other avenues. You have to explore numerous tourist destinations of mystical India or a series of business meeting and brainstorming sessions to go through. All these things can't suppress the urge to visit the Taj Mahal in Agra one of the seven world wonders. So Same day Taj Mahal Tour from Delhi is need of the hour. Situated just 200 km from the Indian capital a same day Taj Mahal tourism from Delhi can be made, as it doesn't meddle with your busy schedule in Delhi. Your one-day off from your busy schedule will award you an experience of lifetime.

Situated at a drive of three hours from the city of Delhi an one day tour to Taj from Delhi is highly sought after among tourists who have very little time at their disposal. A short excursion from Delhi takes you to the architectural magnum opus called Taj. The monument built in the memory of Mumtaj Mahal by her doting husband Shahjahan is still beckoning in all her pride.


There are myriads of reasons that make one day Agra taj mahal trip from Delhi a hit it off among business and leisure tourists who keep thronging to this city very now and often. One of the most interesting reasons behind the same day tour to Agra is its small driving distance from Delhi. It is very much possible that you will leave your hotel room in Delhi in the early morning and return to Delhi by night. It's convenient to reach and cost effective as compared to other major destinations in India. Another reason could be its well connectivity from Delhi. One can find a car that can take you to the Taj and bring back to Delhi at reasonable budget. If you have any budget constraint you can travel this distance by train at a shoestring budget. Yes it is well connected by the flight but frequency is very low.

Last but not the least, it doesn't require any separate travel plan like check in at a hotel that adds to its cost effectiveness. Owing to these reasons thousands of tourist who visit the city of Delhi never miss an opportunity opt go for a same day tour to Agra.We expect you to be the next one.

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