Same Day Agra Trip from Delhi

Make your plan for Same day Agra trip from Delhi to explore in the most popular tourist attraction places of Agra India. The day Trip to Agra from new Delhi saves tourists valuable time and money of the visitors by travel on Car or Trains.

Same Day Agra Trip Form Delhi

Located at a distance of 200 km from Indian capital Delhi, the city of Agra is a highly coveted tourists destination in India; thanks to presence of monument of love and romance Taj Mahal. Leisure and business tourist visiting the city of Delhi often make a visit to the city of Agra to explore its various tourist attractions.

As most of the tourists are hard pressed for time they prefer a same day trip from Agra trip from Delhi. A same day trip saves tourists valuable time and money of the visitors. The city of Agra can be conveniently reached by train or a car so most of the tourists go for this kind of trips.

Tourist looking forward for a train trip to Agra can board an Agra bound train in the morning around 6:30 am and reach the city of Agra around 10 am. After daylong sightseeing of various tourists' attractions in Agra they can return to Delhi by 10:30 in the night.ADS_TO_REPLACE_1

The other convenient mode of travel to Agra could be car hire as it offers tourists' freedom to visit at their own will. Most of the travel operators in Delhi offer cars for same day trip to Agra. The best part of a car trip to Agra is that you can experience the way of life in the north India as a car journey acquaints you to the various facets of rural life in this part of the country.

On arrival in Agra the tourist can go for the sightseeing of various tourists attractions like world-renowned monument Shah Jahans poetry in Marble Taj Mahal and other attractions like Agra fort and Pearl Mosque. A car journey to Agra offers you a chance to explore various lesser known tourist attractions and markets widely acclaimed for local handicrafts and other items. As you don't have to abide by the train schedules and you can explore the city at your own.ADS_TO_REPLACE_2

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