The Taj Mahal, An Immortal Love Story

An enigma that spells a magical effect on the heart of even a passionate lover, this white marbled magnum opus called Taj Mahal is Shah Jahan's poem in marble for his beloved Mumtaz Mahal.

Taj Mahal - Immortal love Story

The Immortal expression of love - Taj Mahal, is one of the most unique historical edifices apart from the Great Pyramid and the Eiffel Tower. Voted as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal has continued to attract tourists from different parts of the world. The story of how the emperor Shah Jahan had this monument erected for the love and memory of his wife is still repeated in different parts of India. Almost every Indian knows this story, which has been repeated and narrated for generations ever since the Taj Mahal came into existence. The mausoleum is simply awe-inspiring as the Mughal architecture speaks beyond expressions of finesse and artistic skill.

The marble carvings are a wonder and intrigue the minds of millions, how the artisans managed to create something as magical as the Taj Mahal. This edifice is not just a structure created from stone, but it is a dream manifestation of the most brilliant minds which history witnessed. The emperor was so much in love with this beautiful piece of art - he had to spend his last days in isolation from where he got a view of this monument. It was a part of his soul, as his better-half lay buried under the foundation.

This is the holy pilgrimage for all lovers. This is where the newly married couples come for their honeymoon. Who wouldn't want to remember a visit with their soul mate to this epitome of love? The pure energy of soul love is induced into every single marble stone of this monument, as the aura is extremely vibrant. The energy is strong enough to sweep visitors off their feet into a new realm of spiritual expression. The edifice is simply radiating with charisma, magnificence of spirit and much more. The expressions continue to remain endless and yet the beauty just doesn't seem to fade even to this day. ADS_TO_REPLACE_1

Plan a trip to Taj Mahal Agra, to get a glance not only of this Mughal architecture, but also of others, which span the city and speak of the days of their rule. One gets to witness their influence over the Hindu culture during their golden years. So rich has been the tradition of this Muslim dynasty, you get to see all of them through handicrafts, embroidery, culture of art and poetry, and above everything else, music. Agra can be reached by air, road or rail by international tourists who land at New Delhi. Agra is not very far from Vrindavan and Mathura, the latter being the birthplace of Lord Krishna. Don't stop your Taj Mahal package only with these places, as you can proceed further to have a wonderful sightseeing of Jaipur - the Pink City.

You can enjoy the different palaces which are spread across the city especially, with one situated in the middle of a lake. Go for the wonderful experience of elephant rides and camel rides to complete your mesmerism from the Taj Mahal and take a sweet memory back home which is far more beautiful than hanging a picture on the wall. Depending upon your chosen destiny for your vacation you can extend your trip all the way even to the mountains to escape from the scorching heat of the summer. Tourists who are not interested for summer travel can always make it in August or September when rains start pouring and the summer heat starts to mellow. Decide your own package for the tour of India; keeping Taj Mahal as the prime destination and everything else related to your travel itinerary will be arranged by the concerned travel agent.ADS_TO_REPLACE_2

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