Take a View to Great Monument; Taj Mahal

Come and take a eye-catching view of great Taj Mahal India. Visit to Agra Taj Mahal to take the glimpse of Majestic Monument of Taj. The full moonlight view of Taj mahal India will cherish your dream for lifetime.

Take a View to Great Monument; Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is the praise to a charming lady and it is a memorial of permanent love, the Taj Mahal reveals its beauty to the people, who wants to visit it with the desires to see the monument of love and visit this tomb without being in hurry. Taj Mahal has a symmetrical base, means it can be equally divided. This base itself is a symbol of different sides to view a beautiful woman. The actual beauty is in the main gate which is like a veil of a beautiful woman, which you lifted carefully, gently and without any hurriedness, just like as you remove the veil of a bride on the wedding night. It is the tradition of India that veil is lifted softly and gently to expose the beauty of the newly wedding lady. If someone entered in Taj Mahal and stands inside the main gate of great Taj Mahal, he directed his eyes towards the Taj Mahal so he can see an arch which makes the frame of Taj Mahal.

The dome of the Mahal is made of pure white marble. The tomb of Taj is set against the river plain and its background works in addition of magic of colors, by the reflection of these colors the view of Taj Mahal totally changes. The color changes at regular intervals of hours and of different seasons. Moonlight leaves the great influence on the beauty of Taj Mahal. Just like the jewels, Taj Mahal glows in the moonlight because the semi-precious stones present in white marble stones on the main tomb receives the glow of moon and sparkles just like the stars. In the morning Taj Mahal shows the pinkish color, it gives milky white appearance in the evening and golden color when the moon full shines on it. These changes of colors show the variations in moods of woman.

There are various views of different people about Taj Mahal but it would be sufficient to say that it has its own life that rises out of marble stone. It depict that it is the monument of love, a masterpiece of art from which you can't add or subtract.ADS_TO_REPLACE_1

The tomb of the Taj Mahal is the point of central attention. It is made up of white marble structure, it stands on a square platform, and it makes the Taj Mahal a symmetrical building. The great gate gateway to Taj Mahal is (Darwaza-I rauza). The complex of Taj Mahal is covered on three sides by walls made-up of red sandstone. Left side of the Taj Mahal is open that faces the river. Outside the walls of the Taj Mahal, there are several other burial chambers that include other wife's of Shah Jahan, and a large tomb of favorite servant of Mumtaz the beloved queen of Shah Jahan.

For the construction of Taj Mahal Material was brought from different far places of India and Asia. The Translucent white marble was brought from Rajasthan and Makrana, the jasper was brought from Jade and Punjab, Crystals were brought from China, Lapis lazuli was brought from Afghanistan, Sapphire came from Sri Lanka, the turquoise was brought from Tibet and the carnelian from Arabia. All the 28 types of semi-precious and precious stones were inlaid into the white marble for the enhancement of the beauty. ADS_TO_REPLACE_2

The labor force of 20,000 workers were brought from the different areas employed for the construction of Taj Mahal, which are expert in there work of architecture. Calligraphers were employed from Syria and Persia, sculptors were brought from Bukhara, inlayers were appointed from southern India and stone cutters were employed from Baluchistan. Thirty seven men form a unit who carved only marble flowers. With the efforts of all these Taj Mahal was built.

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