Best Time to Visit Taj Mahal India

The best time to visit Taj Mahal Agra is October to March but throughout the year visitors coming to Agra to take the glimpse of Taj Mahal. The best season to travel taj mahal agra is winter season.

Best Time to Visit Taj Mahal India

Taj Mahal, one of the most luminous wonders of the world mesmerizes the tourists throughout the year. Reflections of different auras in different seasons have made Taj Mahal to charm the visitors in each and every season. Though Taj Mahal continues to spread its charisma throughout the year but generally October to march is considered as the best time to visit Taj Mahal India. The cooler atmosphere during these six months enables the tourists to enjoy the view of Taj Mahal as well as the other attractions of Agra. Due to tropical and extreme climate of Agra the tourists are not advised to visit Taj Mahal in summer or Rainy seasons. The different look of Taj during full moonlight, sun set and sunrise bewilder the tourists down the ages. Observing Taj Mahal in different phases in a whole day is a lifetime experience.

Take a Magnificent view of Taj Mahal at Sunrise

Taj Mahal, with all its glorifying history looks most captivating in the early morning. The misty look with the touch of soft red glow during sunrise creates an awe-inspiring wonder to the visitors. As the first sun-ray touches the surface of the vast white marbles it generates a beautiful ranges of color starting from tender grey to yellow and gradually to pearly cream and finally to sparkling white. This hidden aesthetic beauty of Taj Mahal symbolically conceptualizes the presence of Allah who has no form.ADS_TO_REPLACE_1

Take a Magnificent view of Taj Mahal at Sunset

Sun plays the final machination during its setting time that leads to numerous shades starting from blazing yellow to tender elegant orange and ultimately to pearly cream until the full moons shares the sky to accompany and to beautify the world?s one of the greatest wonders. The full moon with all its beauty decorates the romantic and spell bounding Taj and they both together create the celestial elegance in order to nurture the uniqueness of the epitome of love that the world has never watched before.


Taj Mahal under Full Moonlight View

The beauty of Taj Mahal under a full moonlight view is inexplicable. The silver glow of Taj Mahal not only reflects the beauty of the dome but also delivers peace in solace. It takes the viewers to an unknown journey leaving behind the pangs of mundane life. Viewing Taj Mahal under full moonlight is like a dream come true. This historic moment can heal any wound of mind and can once again fill with a plenty of happiness. Silvery Taj Mahal under full moonlight expresses in silence the melancholic love story of Shah Jahan and Mumtaj. Though there are number of volumes which describe Taj Mahal but Rabindra Nath Tagore, the Indian legendary poet's description of Taj Mahal as a "tear on the face of eternity" well justifies the whole idea that Taj Mahal summarizes.

Taj Mahal Visiting Timings and Tickets ADS_TO_REPLACE_3

To view the world's one of the greatest beauty the visitor's are often suggested to spend the whole day. Generally, there is no such time limit to visit Taj Mahal. It opens early in the morning and remains unclosed till 7:00 in the evening. Many visitors spend the day reading and picnicking. The normal ticket fee for the Indians is Rs. 20. It increases to Rs. 110 during Sunrise and sunset. Foreigners have to pay Rs. 970 to enjoy the unsurpassable beauty of Taj Mahal.

The different reflections of Taj Mahal during different phases of a day not only create the mesmerizing view of it but also salute the architectural elegance's of Mughal period. Amalgamations of perpetual love with the architectural excellence have made Taj Mahal ageless and also present the concept of Omni Present and Omni Potent God Allah.

Down the ages Taj Mahal has been the inspiration for many other mausoleum but the uniqueness and the glory of the world's one of the grandest wonders is still remained untouched. Shah Jahan felt proud on making a memorial that the world has never witnessed before and we, the Indians feel proud for the uniqueness of such an architectural excellence, constructed on the base of love, that the world will never see something even near to it in future. ADS_TO_REPLACE_4

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