Information about Qutub Minar Complex in Delhi

The famous Qutub Complex or qutub minar complex of delhi is the famous historical monument of Delhi. The history of qutub minar complex delhi very old and you can find tourist attractions like iron Pillar, Qutub Minar Tomb and more. The architecture of Qutub Minar complex Delhi is very unique and it is tallest tower of World build in bricks.


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Qutub Minar Monument Complex in Delhi

The Qutub Minar Complex is a series of buildings that were introduced by Qutb al-Din Aybak in the late twelfth century and were completed in the early fourteen-century. The complex consists of a series of Islamic buildings around the Qila Rai Pithora citadel in Delhi. This complex is noted for being one of the most popular attractions in all of India.

The Qutub Complex features a number of different notable buildings. First, it features the Qutub Minar. This is a large minaret that is more than seventy meters in height. It is the world's tallest minaret to be made out of brick. It is known for being a place where people of the Muslim faith came to pray but it is not clear as to what other purposes were used for the minaret.

Interestingly enough, there is an unfinished minaret not too far from the Qutub Minar. This is the Alai Minar. This was going to be at least twice as large as the Qutub Minar. However, construction stopped after it got a little over twenty metres in height.

The Ala-I-Darwaza is a popular entrance point to the Qutub Minar Complex. The Turks made this during the rule of Ala ud din Khilji in Delhi. This features a combination of stone and marble around its build. Latticed stone is prominent around the entire build of the complex.

The Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque is the next part of the Qutub minar Complex to visit. This is believed to have bee built by using remnants from more than twenty Jain and Hindu temples that had been destroyed in the past. This is what has made the build of the mosque so unique and appealing while at the same time varied in texture and style.

Most of the materials in the mosque have been destroyed and lie in ruins. There are many arches around the area that are still intact. These include a few arches that had been built after Qutb's death. The newer arches have more Muslim influences in them because they were built with newer materials and were made with exclusively Muslim laborers. This is how people can tell when different arches around the Qutub Minar Complex were built.

There is also a large pillar located in the middle of the Qutub Complex. This is a pillar that is seven metres tall and was built around the Tropic of Cancer, thus making it a popular place for astrological work to be done in. This pillar was originally a part of a temple built by a member of the Gupta dynasty in the late fourth century. This pillar has a couple of inscriptions on it.

An interesting point about this pillar is that it is still intact. Even the small inscriptions that are located around a few points of the pillar are easy to read. A normal pillar like this would have deteriorated substantially due to the harsh weather in the area.

Many of the things around the Qutub Complex have remained untouched for a long period of time. This is primarily due to the lack of water that was once prominent around the area. The needs of individual rulers to create their own cities helped to make this area irrelevant and therefore unnecessary for the most part. Therefore, the Qutub Complex is practically around with many of the same things that have survived over the last couple of centuries.

This is a great site to visit when in Delhi. The Qutub Complex features many beautiful places and spots that are important to the history of Delhi. The architecture of the buildings and the many physical features of these areas are very beautiful.