Delhi Hauz Khas Complex Information

The hauz khas complex of Delhi, is the popular tourist attraction places of Delhi for its royal tank. The history says that hauz khaz complex is made how to controlled if the water shortage around Delhi.

Hauz Khas Complex Delhi

The Hauz Khas Complex is a large building space around the southern part of Delhi. This is a complex that was built in the middle part of the fourteenth century. It was built around a space that is built around a water reservoir.

The Hauz Khas Complex is named for the term "royal tank."This comes from how the complex was made with the intention of getting the water shortage around Delhi controlled. The large reservoir was built in the area as a means of collecting more rainwater without any problems.

There is a very large build used on the tank. This tank is able to handle around eight hundred thousand cubic meters of water. It is six hundred meters in width and seven hundred meters long. It is also about thirteen feet deep.

This tank was the key point of the Hauz Khas Complex. It was made with several other buildings that had been built from 1352 to 1354. There are several pavilions around the complex.

The Madrasa is one of the most notable buildings in the complex. This building was created as a school for Islamic studies. The Madrasa features six pavilions. Each of these pavilions has its own dome. These are all placed around the gardens around the eastern complex area.

The two wings around the Madrasa will meet to create the spot where the Firuz Shah tomb. This is the spot where the former ruler of the area is buried in. This spot features a verdana on its southern end. This is where people will enter the tomb from. It also features a dome that is nearly nine meters in diameter. A large gold medallion can be found at the central part of the tomb's dome. This features a series of scriptures from the Quran etched onto it.

This is a very important place for people of the Islamic faith in India. Firuz Shah had worked with the construction of many schools and mosques around the land during his time as a ruler and is still highly revered by his followers to this day.

Another part of the Hauz Khas Complex is its mosque. This is found at the northern tip of the complex and features an entrance on the southeastern end of the building. The prayer hall in the mosque features an open design that is easy for people to enter into. The space is completely open without any coverings.

Some remnants of the village around the complex can be found. This area was originally used as a largely populated space thanks to the large water tank that was the center of the area. However, the village area has since been altered to where it features many modern sites. A variety of schools and gardens are found around the village space today.

Of course, much of the complex features Islamic design features. There are a few accents in the building that have been highly inspired by Hindu architecture. For example, the area features a series of chajjas, or stone-based awnings, around the buildings. There are also some column capitals around the tops of the columns that feature some Hindu influences to them. These can be found throughout many columns in the complex.

The New Delhi Hauz Khas Complex is a notable place for the history of Islam in India and the lives of the people in Delhi. This area in southern Delhi is home to a number of buildings and has been maintained to this day with many notable modern features. The large water tank that was built around the area is especially notable and is a real marvel of engineering.

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