Ansal Plaza Shopping Complex Delhi

The Ansal Plaza market complex of Delhi is a shopping complex located near South Extension Market, one of the posh markets of Delhi. This Ansal Plaza Mall Market of New Delhi offer a complete shopping and entertainment experience.

Ansal Plaza Shopping Complex in Delhi

The Ansal Plaza is a popular retail facility located in Delhi. This large facility features more than just a number of great retail stores. It also features an impressive series of designs that make this place especially memorable. This place is also home to several different events that occur throughout the year.

The Ansal Plaza is located right next door to Hudco Place, the official residential quarters of members of the Indian government. It is along Khelgaon Marg in Andrews Ganj in Delhi. It is an indoor facility that is well shielded and is very conducive to all sorts of activities.

This plaza is known for being the first shopping mall to have been built in Delhi. The mall has a variety of different stores for people to visit. There are dozens of stores placed around this beautiful indoor facility.

The stores at the Ansal Plaza are varied. There are many stores that are devoted to different fashion brands. These include fashions for men, women and children of all ages. There are also some stores that sell electronics, books, music and a variety of other products for all sorts of things that people are interested in.

The specific stores around the area are very impressive. Some of the brands that have their own stores here include Adidas, Benetton, Guess, Lacoste, Levi's, Nike and Reebok. There are also such notable retail stores as Geoffrey's, Nitanjali Art Gallery, Sital Dass and Son, Tantra and Toyz.

There are also plenty of different food retailers around the Ansal Plaza. Some of the most popular food retailers here include Hot n Juicy, McDonald's, Pizza Express and Subway. The foods that are sold here are incredibly varied in that they come from all sorts of styles and from many different vendors from all parts of the world.

There is more than just shopping that make this one of the best places to visit when in Delhi. There are also a large number of different features that physically make this place an attractive one to be in. The Ansal Plaza Shopping Mall Delhi features a large atrium that is more than forty feet high. This features a large glass curtain that is influenced heavily by French design. It is used to help with shading the area and to also keep the area from being subjected to harmful rays from the sun.

There are several bodies of water around the Ansal Plaza. These include a variety of fountains and small lakes. A number of plants are also located around the area. These areas are all protected in a well controlled indoor environment to help keep things from becoming too hot or worn out.

A variety of activities can also be enjoyed. There are many live music events and fashion shows that take place here throughout the year. There are also some dance events among other performance art events at the Ansal Plaza market Delhi. The schedule for these events is always changing.

The Ansal Plaza is also very easy for people to get into. Visitors who come to this place in Delhi can easily park in a convenient parking garage. This garage is built right underneath the main body of the retail facility. This is used to conserve space and to make the facility a little more accessible for all people to reach.

It is also open every day. This makes it easier for anyone to schedule a visit when coming to Delhi.

This is a very unique retail space in Delhi. The Ansal Plaza is a place that is home to all sorts of great retail sites and a number of different eateries. It is also home to several different enjoyable events.

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