About Qutab Golf Club of Delhi

The Qutab Golf Club Delhi is one of the newly established golf course in Delhi located in Lado Sarai area near to Qutab Minar Delhi. The Qutab Golf Course of New Delhi is owned by Delhi Development Area. This Gutab Golf course is created for new comer or beginners of golfing course at learning stags.

Qutab Golf Club in Delhi

The Qutab Golf Club is different from other golf clubs around Delhi. This is a club that is open to the general public. This club is well maintained and is easier for people who are relatively new to golf to enjoy.

The Qutab Golf Club is a course located at Press Enclave Road in Lado Sarai in Delhi. This course is named after the Qutub Minar. This large mosque and minaret can be easily seen in the background through most parts of the Qutab Golf Club.

This course is different in that it is maintained by the Delhi area. It is owned and operated by the Delhi Development Authority. This organization has kept this course working as a public course since it opened up. In fact, this is the only golf club that is officially recognized as a public course. This means that anyone can get into the course at any time that they want to as long as the course is open.

Fortunately, it will not be too difficult for anyone to get into the course. The course is open from Thursdays to Tuesdays starting at 5:30 in the morning.

This course is an eighteen hole par 70 golf course. It is approximately 6,150 yards in length from the professional tees, 5,800 yards from the men's tees and 5,600 yards from the women's tees.

This course was built with the intention of being an easier course for newcomers to play on. The course is gentle and does not involve too many changes in its elevation. This makes it a little easier for people to move around. It is specifically recommended by the operators as a course for newcomers to the game and those who have high handicaps.

However, the course has experienced a change in its appearance in recent years. A good number of trees have been planted around the course over the past couple of years. These include some trees that work as lining for fairways around the area. These trees were created as a means of making the course a little more challenging while at the same time being more pleasing on the eyes.

A few special features are also found at the Qutab Golf Club. There is a full size driving range available for customers. A putting green for putting practice is also included. There is even a golfing academy available. This place will teach newcomers how to get into golf and how to play this exciting and enjoyable game.

The course also features a health club with swimming pool. This can be used to give anyone an opportunity to relax while visiting Delhi. Some additional fees are required though.

The best point about the Qutab Golf Club is that it is more receptive to visitors than some other spots around Delhi. There is no need to get a reservation in order to go here. A golfer can easily walk into the Qutab Golf Club and get a round of golf going. This is provided that it is not a Wednesday and the course is not too crowded. The fact that people can rent clubs for hire and even buy some balls for use at the course helps to make this all the more accessible for all types of golfers.

This golf course is a very enjoyable place in Delhi. The Qutab Golf Club is a public course that offers a beautiful landscape and an easy to play course that can be fun for even the newest golfers. It is also a good place to go when looking to learn how to play the game of golf.