Azad Hind Gram Tour Delhi

The Azad Hind Gram one of the famous tourist attraction places of Delhi, which is created in the honor of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose's Azad Hind Fauj. This azad hind gram tourist complex of Delhi is located in Tikri Kalan of western Delhi.

Azad Hind Gram: A Must to See in Delhi

The Azad Hind Gram is a space in the western part of Delhi that is noted for being very conducive to tourists. It is a spot that was made in honor of one of the country's most noted revolutionaries. It is also an area that is home to several different activities for the enjoyment of the people who visit the area.

The Azad Hind Gram is a large complex that is found at the Tikri Kalan, a village in the western section of Delhi. It is about two kilometers away from the boundary on Delhi Haryana around NH-10.

The area was built in 1998 as a marker of the last place where Subhas Chandra Bose was believed to have given a public speech at. Bose was a notable revolutionary who arranged plans to develop a military operation against British forces in World War II. This was done as a means of helping to get India to become free from British Rule.

The area is believed to be the last spot that was had spoken in public at. He had supposedly died in 1945 but it is not clear as to how he died. It has not been clear as to whether or not he died in a plane crash in Taiwan in that year. This is because his body was never truly found.

The design that is used on the area is a very unique one. It features a design that was heavily influenced with strong North Indian styles in mind. This includes a large series of domes that have been scattered around the property.

The central part of the area features a large monument. This includes a large statue that was dedicated to Bose. A large museum that is dedicated to him is also included at the Azad Hind Gram.

A variety of pieces of artwork can also be found in the Azad Hind Gram. These include a series of mosaics that have been intricately designed. Many of these mosaics can be found around a series of pillars in the memorial.

Several features of the Azad Hind Gram were built to help bring in all sorts of tourists to the area. A full amphitheater is located in the area. A full service conference facility is also included. There are also a couple of shops and restaurants in the space. One of the most interesting shops here is a garden shop. The great point about these places is that their areas match up with the rest of the architectural designs around the entire area space.

The theater holds a variety of shows throughout the year. These include magic and puppet shows. Snake shows are even held here. These shows are very reflective of the culture of India.

Camel cart rides are also available here. These rides around the Azad Hind Gram allow people to interact with the beautiful Tikri Kalan village.

All of these spaces are placed around a very large area. The total size of the Azad Hind Gram is around six acres. This is such a large area that it took around three years for the entire space to be built. This should be enough to handle all of the functions that the memorial has to offer to its visitors.

The Azad Hind Gram is a great tourism site in Delhi to visit. This historic and important memorial site is home to not only a great memorial to one of the most important people in the history of India but also a site for many different attractions that can be enjoyed throughout the year. These attractions are great things that cater to many visitors.

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