The Entertainment City Amusement Park of Delhi

The Entertainment City Delhi is an amusement park in the outskirts of Delhi, features many different rides for all group of family members. An impressive feature of Entertainment City amusement park Delhi is that it is relatively cheap to enter.

Entertainment City Amusement Park in Delhi

Entertainment City Delhi is an amusement park in the outskirts of Delhi. It is an area on the eastern part of Delhi near Noida. It is an exciting place for entertainment for all members of the family to enjoy. It features many different rides and special sections for different parts of any family to have fun with.

Entertainment City is a new park in that it was opened up back in 2007. The park is laid out over a course of nearly 150 acres of space. This is a massive space with plenty of room for all sorts of different attractions.

There is a very good variety of rides for people around Entertainment City. The park has more than thirty different rides with options available for different members of the family. This park features rides that are built with quality in mind. In fact, each ride has been built by European amusement park ride manufacturers who have been supplying rides to all sorts of amusement parks around the world.

A notable feature of Entertainment City is that it has been divided up into three different zones. There are individual zones for children, teens and adults. Each section has its own special rides, stores and eateries. These places are all different in each zone because they are designed in many ways with the intention of catering to individual visitors in different age groups in mind.

Food courts are available in the area. These food courts vary by each zone and feature all sorts of quality foods that are prepared on site for all guests to enjoy eating. These spots are open throughout the day when the park is open.

Some live performance areas are also included around the park. These include stages for live music and dance performances around the Teen Zone section of the park.

It is easy to get into different places around the park. A monorail is used to get people around the many corners of the park. It is free for park visitors to use. The large amount of parking around the park is also conducive to people who want to get into the park as easily as possible.

An impressive feature of Entertainment City is that it is relatively cheap to enter. Tickets to this Delhi park are around Rs. 200 and greater. Tickets that offer unlimited rides or other special features will cost a little extra to get but they should not be too hard to pay for. In fact, some of the more expensive tickets will only be around Rs. 1000. This is an impressive value considering the large amount of features here and the fact that the park is relatively new in age.

A hotel is also located in the vicinity of the park. This is perfect for those who are visiting Delhi and want to enjoy staying near the Entertainment City park when heading to the area. The hotel will provide people with direct access to the park if they choose to get tickets to go there.

The park is very easy for people to reach. People can get to the park in Delhi through the Noida area. The place is located in Sector 38A but can be accessed through the Sector 18 Metro Rail station. It is also easy to find in that it is right next door to the Great India Place Mall.

This park is a fun place to visit when heading into Delhi. The Entertainment City amusement park is a place on the outside parts of Delhi that features all sorts of fun attractions for all sorts of family members to have fun with.

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