How to install Xampp on Windows 10?

In this video tutorial you will learn how to install latest version of Xampp on the Windows 10 operation system?

How to install Xampp on Windows 10?

How to install Xampp on Windows 10?

Developed by Apache Friends, Xampp is an open source, cross and a free platform.  It is based on scripting languages like Perl and PHP. The full form of Xampp is:

X: Cross Platform (As it works on a variety of platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux)

A: Apache (server application)

M: MariaDB (Database)

P: PHP (scripting language)

P: Perl (scripting language)

Here is the video tutorial of "How to install Xampp on windows 10?":

With a simplified Apache distribution, Xampp allows easy creation of local web servers for testing. Other benefits include as follows:

  1. It is a portable solution and can be carried in a thumb drive

  2. With a stringent accessibility, it allows only the authorized user to access .

  3. It maintains high security and authenticity.

  4. With a default error report , it helps debugging easily

  5. The entire web server and database stack can be initiated and stopped using a single command.

This video tutorial shall explicate on how to install Xampp server on Windows 10.

To begin with:

  1. Visit Apache friends website on

  2. Click the option to download the Xampp for windows

  3. Wait for the download to be completed

  4. After the download completes successfully, right click the Xampp folder to install.

  5. In the set up pages continue to click the “Next” option to progress the installation process.

  6. As the main Set up page appears, you can see the installation bar which exhibits the installation progression.

  7. After the installation finishes. Click finish

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