Video Tutorial: How to update data in the MySQ?

Video instruction of updating data in MySQL table

Video Tutorial: How to update data in the MySQ?

How to update data in the MySQ?

It is necessary to keep a real-time data and that calls to update data in the database. We modify values from rows and columns using the Update statement.

Here we shall explain on how to update data in MySQL from a java program

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  1. If you have a simple employee table select it( in this video there is name and salary)

  2. Create a new java project, name it and click finish

  3. Right click the new java project and go to new folder option and select it and save it as lib

  4. Select the new java project  and go to Java build path and select “Add JARS”

  5. A JAR selection folder pops up select new java project and under the lib select myseql-connector-java- and paste it

  6. Now click on src  go to new and then select “Package”

  7. A new Java package folder pops up

  8. Name it with .jdbc extension

  9. Now select the name you created with.jdbc extension , right click and go to new and select class file

  10. Here is the video tutorial of "How to update Data in a MySQL Database?":

  11. Name the class file

  12. Tick the method options as public and click ok

  13. When the source code is ready, import all the JDBC library files

  14. Copy and paste the code required

  15. Make the necessary updates

  16. Create the statement option, mention the necessary update of the name of the employee

  17. Execute update

  18. Print the data as updated

  19. Close the statement and connection

  20. Run the code and check the data.

  21. If error-free your data update in MySQL was successful.

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