Video Tutorial: Features of eclipse Luna 4.4.2 - learn to download and install

This video tutorial explains you the feature of Eclipse Luna 4.4.2

Video Tutorial: Features of eclipse Luna 4.4.2 - learn to download and install

Features of eclipse Luna 4.4.2 - learn to download and install

In this video tutorial we will learn about the features of Eclipse Luna 4.4. and also how to download and install it. Luna 4.4. is the latest  version. In this version we will find the in built support for Java 8.

Eclipse Luna includes official support for the java 8 in the java development tools, plugin development tools, objective teams, eclipse communication framework, maven integration, web tools platform and memory analyzer.

We download the eclipse luna 4.4 from here with the help of java8 support including language enhancements, search and refactoring. Quick assist and clean up to migrate anonymous classes to lambda expressions and back clean up to migrate to quick assistance eclipse workplace provides a dark theme where syntax highlighters are included and settings for several programming languages.

Here is the video tutorial of "Features of Eclipse Luna 4.4.2 - Learn to download and install":

We can download it from eclipse Luna packages. Eclipse IDF for java EE developer is required with windows 32 bit 64 bit. This option was chosen and clicked and thus eclipse Luna was downloaded.

  1. After downloading, the file was extracted .A new directory was created called “work space” and it was the extracted and then copied.

  2. Then we move on to eclipse Luna and it was started. And the work space thing was used and it was used as a default and ok was clicked. Thus we have successfully downloaded Eclipse Luna 4.4.
  3. If new and then project was clicked and then we are provided with various options which also includes maven tools option. With this we can create a general project as well as maven project ,CSP Project, eclipse modeling, java project, JAXP, plug in development, different types of web application, graphic, static, dynamic etc.

  5. We will here create a simple java project and we name it “hello world” and then finish is clicked.

  7. And then a new package was created by clicking on new followed by package option and then the name was entered “net.roseindia” and finish was clicked.

  9. A new class was then created by clicking on new then followed by class option and it was named “test” and then the public static main was included.

  11. Then a code was written to print “hello world” here. Then after the right click we click on run as followed by java application and thus we can find “hello world” printed there.