Video Tutorial: How to install vaadin plugin in Eclipse Luna

In this video you will learn to install vaadin plugin in Eclipse Luna

Video Tutorial: How to install vaadin plugin in Eclipse Luna

How to install vaadin plugin in Eclipse Luna

The former version of eclipse is luna which comprises of official aid for java 8 in the web tools platform , xtext, eclipse communication framework, maven integration etc. Eclipse offers a working platform for certain programming language which comprises of settings on syntax highlighter. The eclipse communication project has been modified in order to support the utilization of java’s future and for anachronistic remote utility.

Here is the video tutorial of "How to install Vaadin in Eclipse Luna?":

In this tutorial we will learn how to install vaadin plug in in eclipse luna. Here Eclipse luna 4.4.0 is used.

  1. The url was copied and then we go to the eclipse.The help option was clicked followed by install new software.

  2. The vaadin designer for eclipse was copied and also vaadin plugin for eclipse and then next is clicked.

  3. The vaadin plug in is being downloaded by the installer and also the installation is in the process . The requirements and dependencies are being calculated by the installer.

  4. The option next was clicked and then the terms for the license agreement was agreed and finish option was clicked.

  5. The software is being downloaded and installed by the installer. We need to wait till the installer downloads and installs the software in eclipse.

  6. Vaadin plugin is successfully installed and the option ok was clicked.

  7. Yes option was clicked to restart the eclipse.

  8. Eclipse is successfully running.

  9. If new is clicked in the file option - followed by project, a link is found of vaadin 6 project and vaadin 7 project.