How to download ,install and use jQuery in the web application?

In this video tutorial you will learn how to download install and use the jQuery framework in your web application.

How to download, install and use jQuery in the web application?

jQuery is an independent platform Java script library formulated in order to support html client side scripting. Recently, jQuery is one of the most reputed Java script library that is utilized nowadays. It is recorded to have been installed in 65% of the leading to million top business sites in the internet. It is the authorized under the MIT license and is a free and an open source (FOSS) software.

jQuery library is used for creating the dynamic website and web applications. There are many plugins available for jQuery which eases the development of applications.

The syntax of jQuery is designed in such a way so that can be easily used to navigate a certain document. It offers privileges for the developers to design plugins in the java script library. It also aids the developers to formulate abstraction for animation, theme - able widgets and inferior interaction.

Here is the video tutorial of "How to download, install and use jQuery?":

In this video we will and learn how to download, install and use J Query in the web application:

  1. At first we need to visit to the Here we can find the links for downloading. We will be given a wide variety of options for downloading. The download option with the “compressed production J Query 1.113” should be chosen for the production environment.

  3. For this tutorial “the uncompressed development J Query 1.113 ” was chosen and was downloaded.

  5. As simple html page was made often downloading the file. Under the head the J Query version 1.4.2 was included. The latest version was copied and pasted in the html page.

  7. At first the jQuery file was included in script. Under the script tag some codes were written to show some examples of jQuery. In the web page a link was included which is our website “”. And here jQuery was attached to this web page.

  9. The $document ready function shows that the page is fully loaded.

  11. A click method was attached where ‘a’ signifies all the links and all the links were executed by clicking their method and the alert message was displayed.

  13. If we later click in the link  then the alert message will be shown. It was all done but J Query, not a single on click method was included here but the but the event was attached using the jQuery and due to which the alert message was displayed.

Check jQuery tutorials in the jQuery programming section of our website.

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How to download ,install and use jQuery in the web application?

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