Video Tutorial: How to download JDBC from MySQL?

Video instruction of downloading JDBC Driver for MySQL

Video Tutorial: How to download JDBC from MySQL?

How to download JDBC from MySQL?

The video here teaches on how to download JDBC driver for mysql.

The following steps shall guide you to a successful download process:

  1. Go to from the search engine you are using

  2. Select the download section

  3. Select the platform as “Platform Independent”

  4. Select the Platform Independent (Architecture Independent), Zip Archive and download it.

  5. If you don’t have an account on oracle then go for the sign up option

  6. Or directly start the download from the

  7. After downloading go to the download file option where your file got downloaded

  8. For an assurance, Open the file and check for mysql-connector-java-5.1.35-bin.jar file

Here is the video tutorial of "How to download JDBC Driver for MySQL?":

To dictate how a client is permitted to access the database(especially relational database), the application programming interface used is the Java Database connectivity or JDBC. It is based on the programming language Java and represents a Java standard edition platform by Oracle. It functions as a methods provider for queries and to update any data in the database. It runs of diverse platforms like Mac OS, Windows and also on different versions of unix.

A JDBC library consists of APIs for the below following functions depending on the database usage

  1. Building a database connection
  2. Making SQL statements
  3. Running MySQL queries /SQL in the database
  4. Customizing or simply viewing the outcome in the records

There are four kinds of JDBC drivers such as:

Type 1: It is a combination of Java database connectivity and Open database connectivity bridge drivers

Type 2: It is called Native API or partly Java driver

Type 3: It represents the middleware and is called Net-Protocol or All Java driver

Type 4: It denotes the pure Java/Native protocol driver

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