Video Tutorial: Hibernate 4 Supported Databases List

In this video tutorial we are explaining about the database which is supported by Hibernate.

Video Tutorial: Hibernate 4 Supported Databases List

Hibernate 4 Supported Databases List

Hibernate being an object relational mapping framework of the Java language, it Also supports a framework for the purpose of mapping a model which is of object oriented domain till the relational database. Hibernate also takes the initiative to solve the problems of object relational impedance. It also handles the function of a of the databases which are constant with the high level objects.

In this video tutorial we will learn how does Hibernate 4 supports the lists of database. Hibernate is an ORM framework that can be used to store the data into the database that is the database table. My SQL is database independent and My SQL can be used to run the major databases.

Here, the list of Hibernate 4 was compiled which supports the MySQL 5,MySQL with InnoDBDB, MySQL with My ISAM, all the versions of oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL server 2000,SAP DB, Informix, Progress, etc.. Thus, Hibernate 4 can be used to support all the major databases.

Here is the video tutorial of "Hibernate 4 Supported Databases List":

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