JavaScript toString method

This page discusses - JavaScript toString method

JavaScript toString method

JavaScript toString method


JavaScript's toString() method is used to convert any object into the string object. If we want to convert an object from one format into String format then it is very useful.

Syntax :


Where object can be any object and this method will convert that object value to a string value. Let us understand use of toString() method with a very simple example. Here we have explained this by converting a Date object into the String object.

Description of code :

To illustrate toString() method , in this simple HTML page we have created a button and as soon as button is clicked convertToString() method is called which is defined in the JavaScript <script></script> tags.

alert(new Date().toString());

In the above line of code we have first taken the current date object by creating a new date object reference using "new Date()". After this we have converted this to the string. Result of new Date().toString() method is a date converted into the string format and which is shown in an alert message box.

<title>toString() method </title>
<script language="JavaScript">
  function convertToString()
    alert(new Date().toString());
<div style="background: #ff9900; width:'100%';"
  <font color="#0000ff" size="12pt">
     <b>toString() Example</b>
      Click on the following button to show date
              into string
       <input type="button" value="Convert current date to 
           String" onClick="return convertToString();"/>

Output :

Click on "Convert current date to String" to call the function convertToString()

You can also download full source code from the following link as given :

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