Hibernate 5 Maven Dependency

In this article we will show you how to add Hibernate 5 Maven Dependency in your Java Project.

Hibernate 5 Maven Dependency

Hibernate 5 Maven Dependency code

New version of Hibernate is here and you can use it for writing better database access code. In this section I will tell you how you can add Hibernate 5 Maven Dependency in your project. Hibernate 5 is the latest version of Hibernate framework with many new features and improvements.

Now Hibernate 5 supports special databases, so you can use Hibernate to manage special database. Other features includes its full support of JDK 8 features. Other feature of Hibernate 5 includes the Lucene 5 supports.

Hibernate 5 supports modularization through:

  • Extensions
  • ORM Integration

You can check all the latest features of Hibernate at the tutorial page: Hibernate 5 Features.

These developers are mostly using maven build tool for managing the dependency in their project. Maven is very easy to use as it downloads dependency jar files automatically and includes in the project.

If you want to use the JDK 8 features in your project then include following in pom.xml file:


Hibernate 5 maven dependency code

Hibernate 5 dependency can be easily included in Java project by just adding following dependency in pom.xml file:


If you are using Gradle build tool then add following code:

compile group: 'org.hibernate', name: 'hibernate-core', version: '5.0.5.Final'

After adding this dependency Gradle build tool will download add jar files and include it in your project.

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