Hibernate 5 Tutorials

Tutorials of Hibernate ORM 5- Learn Hibernate 5 with many examples and sample code.

Hibernate 5 - Learn Hibernate 5 ORM with many examples and sample code

Hibernate 5 is the first major update of Hibernate ORM with fully supports the features of Java 8. Learn the new features of Hibernate 5 and start using new features of JDK 8 with your applications.

This release of Hibernate is come with major feature improvements and also provides the persistence support to NoSQL databases. Earlier version of Hibernate was lacking the support for NoSQL database. Today's BigData environment uses NoSQL databases for handling large amount of database. Now Hibernate developers can write program in Java using Hibernate 5 to interact with various NoSQL Databases.

In your project you can use the Maven dependency of Hibernate 5 for easy management of Hibernate 5 library. If you not using Maven then download latest version of Hibernate 5 and include the jar file in the project.

This tutorial series on Hibernate 5 provides many examples and sample project that will enable you to learn Hibernate 5 quickly.

Let's start learning Hibernate 5:

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Hibernate 5 Envers

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