Hibernate 5.2.10 Maven Dependency

In this article we will use Hibernate 5.2.10 Maven Dependency in our project.

Hibernate 5.2.10 Maven Dependency

Hibernate 5.2.10 Maven Dependency code

Developers from Hibernate team is actively working on the development of this framework and due to their efforts new version Hibernate 5.2.10 is released on 14 April 2017. In this section we will see how to use Hibernate 5.2.10 Maven Dependency in a Java Project.

If you are not using maven then you should download zip package and then use in you project. But the most preferred way to use any Java library is through maven build tool. Maven make easy to use Hibernate 5.2.10 Maven Dependency in your project.

Hibernate version 5.2.10 come with new features and bug fixes.

New features in Hibernate version 5.2.10

  • Add the getResultStream() default method in org.hibernate.query.Query
  • ANTLR parser should fail when providing an extra parenthesis

There are many improvements in this version of Hibernate. Here are few features:

  • Added truncate feature in HSQLDialect
  • Prevention to generate duplicate Foreign Key
  • More examples added for Hibernate annotation


If you want to use the JDK 8 features in your project then include following in pom.xml file:


Hibernate 5 maven dependency code

Hibernate 5 dependency can be easily included in Java project by just adding following dependency in pom.xml file:


If you are using Gradle build tool then add following code:

compile group: 'org.hibernate', name: 'hibernate-core', version: '5.2.10.Final'

After adding this dependency Gradle build tool will download add jar files and include it in your project.

This way you can add Hibernate 5.2.10 Maven Dependency in Java based project.

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